Johanna Leonie Zauberhexen
Same though
Fri Jan 4, 2019 19:38

The man with the funny name was tired, right? That's why his words seemed sort of slurred together and like the whole speech was just one big word? She knew German tended to smush words together to make new words, but English wasn't supposed to do that. Everyone she'd met at home that spoke English, and the people she'd learned her little bits of English from, all spoke so differently than this man (that she was pretty sure said had a head in his house, maybe that's why he was talking funny).

When the speech was done and Johanna Leonie settled into the sinking feeling of uncertainty that she was pretty sure was going to become familiar at Sonora, she looked around. Everyone seemed so neat and orderly here. There was no display of the sort of colors or elaboration that was so much more familiar to her at home, and the sea of green robes was a bit overwhelming. It was nothing to remind her of the foresty green she was so used to, and the fact that everyone just seemed so clean made it all feel sterile. More than anything, she wanted to kick her shoes off and scamper through the Gardens. That would be much better than listening to a speech she only half understood.

Eyeing the foods that were spread out for the first years with some amount of skepticism, unconvinced that anything she didn't know the English word for would probably taste like anything she was familiar with, she resigned to wait for dinner and turned to the nearest person. Johanna Leonie's own hair was red and wavy, but she wasn't the only person she'd ever seen and the girl's blonde hair reminded her of her mother and brother. She was broader than her brother though, and Johanna's own tall frame was thin.

As she opened her mouth to greet her classmate, she realized she didn't have any words to say. More than that though, the girl was holding a sign that said she didn't speak English. Her eyes narrowed. Was it too much to hope it was because they shared a Muttersprache?

"Hallo," she tried hesitantly. "Ich spreche kein Englisch auch." Holding up her index finger and thumb close together, she tried in the less comfortable and heavily accented language: "I speak small English."

  • I don't speak EnglishHilda Hexenmeister, Fri Jan 4 13:21
    Hilda had a problem. Well, she had a number of different problems, but the biggest one concerning her right this moment was the one called English. She hated English. She really really hated it with... more
    • Same though — Johanna Leonie Zauberhexen, Fri Jan 4 19:38
      • Gott sie DankHilda, Sat Jan 5 08:42
        OOC: It is safe to assume everything Hilda says is in German unless stated otherwise. BIC: Hilda’s eyes widened in shock as the approaching red haired girl spoke German to her. Her stance loosened,... more
        • Freunden!Johanna Leonie, Sat Jan 5 09:16
          OOC: I'll do the same. IC: Johanna Leonie could've cried. "You're German," she practically shouted in their shared language. The foreign school suddenly seemed much less foreign. Between shared... more
          • Jippeh!Hilda, Sat Jan 5 14:40
            Johanna Leonie. That was her best friend’s name. Very nice. Hilda liked it. Hilda liked her. She could only hope that lasted through the awkward phase of actually getting to know a person. She... more
            • Du bist meine neue Familie.Johann Leonie, Sat Jan 5 15:03
              Johanna Leonie sighed a breath of relief to hear she was not alone. Not alone! That was so exciting. Hilda's brother sounded wonderful, simply because he was also German and there were few things in... more
              • Und du bist meineHilda, Sat Jan 5 18:30
                Friederike Albert. Obviously Johanna Leonie's parents liked double names as much as her own liked the letter H. "Hansel is younger than that," she told her new friend. "He won't be here for a while.... more
                • Jetzt haben wir Schwestern. [Now we have sisters.]Johanna Leonie, Sat Jan 5 21:24
                  "Awe, he must still be cute then!" Johanna Leonie laughed. "Friederike Albert is not cute anymore, he's a tornado. Maybe less of a tornado than I am but a tornado none the less." Johanna Leonie... more
                  • Das ist gutHilda, Sat Jan 5 22:19
                    Hilda laughed and agreed, "Yes, Hans is very cute. If we get to be roommates, I will show you a picture." She supposed she could still show Johanna Leonie a picture even if they weren't roommates,... more
                    • Du bist sehr coole!Johanna Leonie, Sat Jan 5 22:34
                      Johanna Leonie was pretty sure Uncle Karl sounded like a badass. "It sounds like they'd get on great!" she said said, thinking how excited her parents would be to find a good source of venom and... more
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