Gott sie Dank
Sat Jan 5, 2019 08:42

OOC: It is safe to assume everything Hilda says is in German unless stated otherwise. BIC:

Hilda’s eyes widened in shock as the approaching red haired girl spoke German to her. Her stance loosened, the flashcard lowered, and her mouth fell open, and while she was still large for her age and built like a shotputter, she looked far too flabbergasted to be remotely intimidating at the moment.

Heinrich had said the only person here who spoke any German was a Russian girl in the year below his. Hilda had planned to plague this now second year girl in all her classes so the Russian could tell her what was going on. However bad her German was, it had to be better than Hilda’s English. She had not expected to hear her own language spoken fluently by anyone here other than Heinrich.

Judging by the German words - and the English she could mostly follow (the hand gesture clarified the one word she had completely forgotten and the rest were on the flashcard she had just looked at) - however, she thought the Russian girl might get two hangers-on instead of just one.

But it was good, so good, to know she wasn’t alone in this, that she had a classmate who was going through a similar struggle, who she could talk with. “Gott sie Dank,” she breathed out in prayer. “You are my new best friend,” she said in German to the girl whose name she didn’t even know.

“I’m Hilda,” she introduced herself in an effort to fix that small oversight. No need to drag her last name into this before Red Haired Girl had gotten to know her better. “You’re from Germany, too?” There was no small about of relief and disbelief in the question. And perhaps just a dash of anxiety, too.

OOC: Gott sie Dank: Thank God.

  • Same thoughJohanna Leonie Zauberhexen, Fri Jan 4 19:38
    The man with the funny name was tired, right? That's why his words seemed sort of slurred together and like the whole speech was just one big word? She knew German tended to smush words together to... more
    • Gott sie Dank — Hilda, Sat Jan 5 08:42
      • Freunden!Johanna Leonie, Sat Jan 5 09:16
        OOC: I'll do the same. IC: Johanna Leonie could've cried. "You're German," she practically shouted in their shared language. The foreign school suddenly seemed much less foreign. Between shared... more
        • Jippeh!Hilda, Sat Jan 5 14:40
          Johanna Leonie. That was her best friend’s name. Very nice. Hilda liked it. Hilda liked her. She could only hope that lasted through the awkward phase of actually getting to know a person. She... more
          • Du bist meine neue Familie.Johann Leonie, Sat Jan 5 15:03
            Johanna Leonie sighed a breath of relief to hear she was not alone. Not alone! That was so exciting. Hilda's brother sounded wonderful, simply because he was also German and there were few things in... more
            • Und du bist meineHilda, Sat Jan 5 18:30
              Friederike Albert. Obviously Johanna Leonie's parents liked double names as much as her own liked the letter H. "Hansel is younger than that," she told her new friend. "He won't be here for a while.... more
              • Jetzt haben wir Schwestern. [Now we have sisters.]Johanna Leonie, Sat Jan 5 21:24
                "Awe, he must still be cute then!" Johanna Leonie laughed. "Friederike Albert is not cute anymore, he's a tornado. Maybe less of a tornado than I am but a tornado none the less." Johanna Leonie... more
                • Das ist gutHilda, Sat Jan 5 22:19
                  Hilda laughed and agreed, "Yes, Hans is very cute. If we get to be roommates, I will show you a picture." She supposed she could still show Johanna Leonie a picture even if they weren't roommates,... more
                  • Du bist sehr coole!Johanna Leonie, Sat Jan 5 22:34
                    Johanna Leonie was pretty sure Uncle Karl sounded like a badass. "It sounds like they'd get on great!" she said said, thinking how excited her parents would be to find a good source of venom and... more
                    • Du bist großartigHilda, Sun Jan 6 12:57
                      It didn't seem like Johanna Leonie thought snake raising and venom selling sounded suspicious, so that was a good turn of events. Still she wasn't going to hold her breath on any adult Hexenmeister... more
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