Johanna Leonie
Jetzt haben wir Schwestern. [Now we have sisters.]
Sat Jan 5, 2019 21:24

"Awe, he must still be cute then!" Johanna Leonie laughed. "Friederike Albert is not cute anymore, he's a tornado. Maybe less of a tornado than I am but a tornado none the less." Johanna Leonie smiled, proud of her reputation as the rough and tumble girl where she grew up. However much her skills pushed her towards healing, and indeed so did her interests, she would still rather have dirt on her hands than a life on them.

She was surprised to find out that Hilda did not still live in Germany. She couldn't imagine being away from home for the entire school year, let alone her whole life everyday now. "Yes," she said in response. "It's a very small village though. I haven't seen much of the rest of the country. If you miss it, you should come stay with us some time." She smiled widely, and the sweet, puckered face revealed her mischievous side.

Hilda's struggle with English was more familiar and Johanna Leonie nodded understandingly. "Mama and papa are healers, and they're good at what they do. Sometimes people come to us from all over the world because they want to find some hope in the forests that they can't find in the big cities." Johanna Leonie shrugged. She was well aware of the superstitious history of her family's brand of magic, and couldn't exactly hide that. "They aren't very good with the sort of magic we'll learn here, but they can heal lots of things. We've had a lot of people stay with us that speak English, so I picked it up some that way but apparently not very much. I can ask if someone wants more soup and whether their stomachache has gone away though pretty well!" She laughed at some of the more colorful terms she'd learned from patients, like raging headache and exploding out both ends at once. She didn't have to be fluent in English to know those were hilarious.

"What does your family do?" she asked, turning the conversation when she realized that she'd been talking so much about herself.

  • Und du bist meineHilda, Sat Jan 5 18:30
    Friederike Albert. Obviously Johanna Leonie's parents liked double names as much as her own liked the letter H. "Hansel is younger than that," she told her new friend. "He won't be here for a while.... more
    • Jetzt haben wir Schwestern. [Now we have sisters.] — Johanna Leonie, Sat Jan 5 21:24
      • Das ist gutHilda, Sat Jan 5 22:19
        Hilda laughed and agreed, "Yes, Hans is very cute. If we get to be roommates, I will show you a picture." She supposed she could still show Johanna Leonie a picture even if they weren't roommates,... more
        • Du bist sehr coole!Johanna Leonie, Sat Jan 5 22:34
          Johanna Leonie was pretty sure Uncle Karl sounded like a badass. "It sounds like they'd get on great!" she said said, thinking how excited her parents would be to find a good source of venom and... more
          • Du bist großartigHilda, Sun Jan 6 12:57
            It didn't seem like Johanna Leonie thought snake raising and venom selling sounded suspicious, so that was a good turn of events. Still she wasn't going to hold her breath on any adult Hexenmeister... more
            • Oh, hör auf! *erröten*Johanna Leonie, Sun Jan 6 18:05
              "I guess that's true," Johanna Leonie laughed, glad that Hilda seemed so easygoing. "Care of Magical Creatures is one of the ones I'm looking forward to the most!" she said, excited that she'd... more
              • ich mag dichHilda, Mon Jan 7 10:45
                Hilda nodded in agreement that Care of Magical Creatures was one of the more interesting classes she was looking forward to. Less so herbology, but she nodded anyway in support of Johanna Leonie's... more
                • Ich mag dich auch!Johanna Leonie, Mon Jan 7 20:45
                  Johanna Leonie's eyes widened at the mention of so many other languages. Even if it was only a few students at the school who spoke these other languages, it felt good to know that there were others... more
                  • Mir viel Glück Hilda, Fri Jan 11 14:31
                    Hilda was tempted - sorely tempted - to not say anything now that she knew Johana Leonie was from a remote enough town that she may - possibly - not have heard about the trial after all. But somebody ... more
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