Felipe De Matteo
We certainly will.
Sat Jan 5, 2019 21:45

Felipe found this boy utterly fascinating. He was, from first impression, exactly who Felipe's own father was trying to make sure Felipe never became. Although the heir to the De Matteo fortune was admittedly more prone to boasting of his family name than his father would have liked, he could see the good in what was being done now. Whether he particularly liked to keep company with muggleborns and poor wizards was an entirely separate issue from whether it was respectable -- and also probably decent or something -- for the wealthier family to help them. His father had often commented that the De Matteo family was as close to royalty as was possible among their people and their kind, and Felipe had never seen a king offer his full name just to satisfy his interlocutor that he was indeed a king. A crown was meant to be seen, not displayed. He wondered whether this boy was an heir.

If he was going to insist on being so formal, Felipe would adjust. He still had little interest in providing more information just yet, as there may be some strategic advantage to refraining from that, but he had the etiquette lessons to match the higher register conversation.

Like turning a dial somewhere inside his chest, Felipe gave up on the study of architecture that was undoubtedly more interesting and began the study of Jeremy Mordue.

"You'll have to forgive my oversight. I have not yet learned all of the family names of influential families in the United States," Felipe offered, making it into a compliment. Felipe had no idea who the Oregon Mordues were, but it would take a blind man not to see that they were important, at least to themselves. Recognizing that in Jeremy's posture was a greater treat than to see it in his name, and he wanted to make that clear to the boy. "Felipe De Matteo De Los Jardines De Plata," he said, offering his full name and estate in Spanish.

"I saw your family has a history at Sonora," he asked neatly in English, interested to learn more about Jeremy's family while also seeing how far his ego would take him in the conversation. He'd either be flattered that he was noticed among so many older students and his head would swell, or he would dismiss it causally, offering an explanation and something friendly. Whatever their approaches, it was clear they were both playing the game of strategy.

  • We'll seeJeremy Mordue, Sat Jan 5 21:16
    The wagon ride seemed calculated to annoy. The journey itself was unnecessary slow and dull but the worst part was Nathaniel sitting opposite him, constantly looking like he was on the verge of... more
    • We certainly will. — Felipe De Matteo, Sat Jan 5 21:45
      • I think I'm coming round to itJeremy Mordue, Sat Jan 5 23:06
        “That’s alright,” Jeremy replied, with what was probably far too much graciousness, one that betrayed that he thought rather a lot of his own good will and where it was bestowed. Honestly, what kind... more
        • No, no, you'll have to do a lot more to come around. Felipe De Matteo, Sun Jan 6 18:25
          Felipe had dark eyebrows, like his deep, almost black hair. One of them, his right eyebrow, wanted nothing more than to arch in amusement and satisfaction. Jeremy seemed to be exactly the sort of... more
          • Yeah, well... so will you. Jeremy Mordue, Thu Jan 10 07:05
            Jeremy shook the hand that Felipe extended, feeling like this was all going really very well, and wishing Nathaniel could see this. Nathaniel thought he was so freaking great. So perfect, Mr.... more
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