Jeremy Mordue
I think I'm coming round to it
Sat Jan 5, 2019 23:06

“That’s alright,” Jeremy replied, with what was probably far too much graciousness, one that betrayed that he thought rather a lot of his own good will and where it was bestowed. Honestly, what kind of person started school without knowing who was who? Jeremy more or less missed the subtextual compliment, or rather it registered less than the fact that Felipe didn’t seem to know who he was, and hadn’t come to school properly prepared. Still, the second attempt at an introduction was better. Jeremy had no idea about foreigners and which ones were important but Felipe certainly had the bearing of someone decent, and the odds were also in his favour based on the information Jeremy had about other foreigners.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you,” he replied to the more formal greeting, deciding now that it was safe to assert this.

“Yes,” he confirmed, swelling with pride when his family was commented on, “My cousins and brother already attend the school.” He thought about bringing up how big Simon was on the Quidditch team, or how Sylvia was… whatever she was, with her girls club. However, the Quidditch team was complicated because of it not being proper teams and Simon not having an official status as a captain any more, and he also didn’t think he could properly explain what Sylvia did without going into a lot explanation about her little group, and it was girly and not the sort of thing that boys talked about. Besides this, the subject of other people’s achievements was rather boring to him. He would use their reflected glory if he could, but he found himself a much more interesting subject. But they had already talked about him, and it was only fair that they talked about Felipe too.

“Where does your family traditionally go?” he asked. He knew from his relatives that there weren’t any De Matteos at Sonora. He thought this a rather good way of establishing where Felipe was actually from, and also allowing him to talk a little bit about his own family in spite of their absence from Sonora’s hallowed hallways - and it was polite to allow both parties equal input on the topic at hand.

  • We certainly will.Felipe De Matteo, Sat Jan 5 21:45
    Felipe found this boy utterly fascinating. He was, from first impression, exactly who Felipe's own father was trying to make sure Felipe never became. Although the heir to the De Matteo fortune was... more
    • I think I'm coming round to it — Jeremy Mordue, Sat Jan 5 23:06
      • No, no, you'll have to do a lot more to come around. Felipe De Matteo, Sun Jan 6 18:25
        Felipe had dark eyebrows, like his deep, almost black hair. One of them, his right eyebrow, wanted nothing more than to arch in amusement and satisfaction. Jeremy seemed to be exactly the sort of... more
        • Yeah, well... so will you. Jeremy Mordue, Thu Jan 10 07:05
          Jeremy shook the hand that Felipe extended, feeling like this was all going really very well, and wishing Nathaniel could see this. Nathaniel thought he was so freaking great. So perfect, Mr.... more
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