Beatriz Couthon
Sound advice.
Sun Jan 6, 2019 15:07

Beatriz Couthon grinned as she stepped off the flying wagon. She had been waiting for this moment for a long time and now that it was finally here, she couldn’t hide her excitement. It was accompanied by another feeling, one of nervousness, and for a moment she wished her twin brother Felix was with her. Beatriz quickly shoved the thought to the back of her mind. She didn’t want to think about her family today - there was no point spoiling such an important day by feeling homesick.

The first year paid close attention as Professor Xavier introduced them to the school, although she already knew a lot of the information he shared. She felt another flutter of excitement at mention of sorting - Beatriz had an inkling of which house she would be sorted into but her mother had told her that she could be surprised. It was somewhat disappointing that there was no mention of having house Quidditch teams, only a school wide team, but as long as she got to play her beloved sport one way or another Beatriz would be happy. The duelling club also sounded fun, if she would have enough time in between all the training she would be doing.

Beatriz helped herself to some pumpkin juice when the professor finished speaking, allowing herself time to casually assess her peers before conversing with any of them. She didn’t want to get stuck talking to someone boring. She wondered if any of them loved Quidditch as much as she did. That would be nice, although admittedly if there was only going to be one school team she could do without too much competition. Beatriz was confident in her abilities - she already played at a high competitive level, but she was a little concerned she might be overlooked on the basis of being a first year.

Before Beatriz had much chance to decide who she wanted to talk to, a girl approached. She had big crazy hair and Beatriz’s instant judgement was that the girl’s personality would match this. Whether that was a good or bad thing, she was yet to find out. The girl, whose name was Zara, did not introduce herself formally. Beatriz didn’t really care much for formalities herself but nonetheless assumed from this that Zara was not from a significant background. She could well be one of those Muggleborn people, although Beatriz was not going to go that far with her judgements and assumptions until she knew more about the girl.

“Nice to meet you, Zara.” Beatriz smiled in a friendly manner. “I’m Beatriz Couthon… I’m from Texas and Québec.” She never felt she could say one or the other as she spent almost equal amounts of time in her homes in both places, which her parents kept for business and family reasons.

“It’s pretty cool,” Beatriz agreed with a nod, not wanting to sound quite as enthusiastic as the other girl. Not everyone needed to know just how excited about she really was about this new adventure. “Do you have any family here?” Beatriz thought the remark about “finally” being at Sonora suggested Zara had been waiting quite some time, or the question might at least lead to a surname being revealed.

  • Be yourself - everyone else is already takenZara Jackson, Sat Jan 5 22:40
    Zara stepped off the wagon and followed the signs for first year orientation, telling herself firmly that she could do this. She was sure it was perfectly normal to feel a little nervous on your... more
    • Sound advice. — Beatriz Couthon, Sun Jan 6 15:07
      • I can teach you many thingsZara, Sun Jan 6 23:16
        "That's cool," Zara said when Beatriz described herself as from Texas and Quebec. Her tone was genuinely interested and it was clear she was happy to hear more on that subject if Beatriz cared to... more
        • So could I.Beatriz, Mon Jan 7 17:46
          Beatriz didn’t know much about Muggleborns but she knew enough to conclude that Zara - whose surname she still hadn’t learnt - wasn’t one of them. It remained unlikely that she was from a good family ... more
          • Yay, learning exchangeZara, Tue Jan 8 02:43
            "That's nice. It's good to have a familiar face," Zara smiled when Beatriz mentioned her cousin. "Oh," she said, surprised when Beatriz said her twin brother was going to a different school. Ok, she... more
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