Johanna Leonie
Oh, hör auf! *erröten*
Sun Jan 6, 2019 18:05

"I guess that's true," Johanna Leonie laughed, glad that Hilda seemed so easygoing. "Care of Magical Creatures is one of the ones I'm looking forward to the most!" she said, excited that she'd definitely have a friend there. She hadn't said anything but the idea of being roommates with Hilda was this weird mix of a total relief and a total thrill. She had a friend! And even if their friendship didn't work out long term, Johanna Leonie was sure that they'd at least have a solid acquaintanceship. This was going to be a good year and the next seven years didn't seem so daunting now.

"That and Herbology," she continued. "Although I don't think I'll know any of the English words for anything. I'm glad you have a German textbook, that sounds really helpful!" Her own books were well worn and had layers of notes in the margins, as they'd mostly come from her parents library of resources. She had more extra books than textbooks, despite her clear dislike of reading; her parents believed that having more resources available would make studying at an English speaking school easier and they were probably right. "The potions professor might save my hide," she laughed. "Does that mean there are lots of students who speak different languages here?"

  • Du bist großartigHilda, Sun Jan 6 12:57
    It didn't seem like Johanna Leonie thought snake raising and venom selling sounded suspicious, so that was a good turn of events. Still she wasn't going to hold her breath on any adult Hexenmeister... more
    • Oh, hör auf! *erröten* — Johanna Leonie, Sun Jan 6 18:05
      • ich mag dichHilda, Mon Jan 7 10:45
        Hilda nodded in agreement that Care of Magical Creatures was one of the more interesting classes she was looking forward to. Less so herbology, but she nodded anyway in support of Johanna Leonie's... more
        • Ich mag dich auch!Johanna Leonie, Mon Jan 7 20:45
          Johanna Leonie's eyes widened at the mention of so many other languages. Even if it was only a few students at the school who spoke these other languages, it felt good to know that there were others... more
          • Mir viel Glück Hilda, Fri Jan 11 14:31
            Hilda was tempted - sorely tempted - to not say anything now that she knew Johana Leonie was from a remote enough town that she may - possibly - not have heard about the trial after all. But somebody ... more
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