Felipe De Matteo
No, no, you'll have to do a lot more to come around.
Sun Jan 6, 2019 18:25

Felipe had dark eyebrows, like his deep, almost black hair. One of them, his right eyebrow, wanted nothing more than to arch in amusement and satisfaction. Jeremy seemed to be exactly the sort of person Felipe had suspected, and there was nothing more fun than being right about somebody else's flaws. Well, there wasn't much that was more fun than that. He decided right then and there that he wanted to spend more time around Jeremy as the term began, sure as he was that the boy would provide some solid entertainment. Beyond that, there were certainly social advantages to be had. All around, it seemed like a perfect friendship. He extended his hand to shake when Jeremy finally admitted to his pleasure in their meeting.

Felipe nodded along, listening as Jeremy confirmed that he was not the heir, as he had suspected. "There are many people eager to meet you then, I'm sure," he suggested, happier with the game he was playing than with the conversation. He waited to see how Jeremy would react to the idea.

When the conversation turned towards himself, Felipe wondered whether it was a move of etiquette, strategy, or both. It was the first time in the conversation he realized he would need to be friends with more than just Jeremy if he was ever going to relax. Or, even better, to only be friends with Jeremy and spend the reset of his time alone. At least, alone when he wasn't managing important social connections or finding ways to be philanthropic. He had high hopes that if he was nice enough to people, word of his deeds would get back to his parents without him having to explain them himself; bragging about altruism was hardly altruistic.

"I'm the heir," Felipe responded simply. "There are no older De Matteos in our generation, so my attendance here is revolutionary." Yes, his father would approve of a word like revolutionary. It implied all the progressive moves forward the family hoped to make, and pointed to their long history of standing up for the important things. It was also better than "unusual" or "Surprising," which were also true.

"Many of my ancestors attended Castelobruxo. It's why they were able to do so much for the people in Mexico when they moved there, as they were well-equipped to handle the creatures there," he explained. Castelobruxo had a reputation for Magizoology, which was hardly a claim to status in modern magic communities but had been important generations ago. The Brazilian school boasted a global name and had a strong presence on the international student exchange circle. "Later, they made a point to travel more broadly. Hogwarts, L'Istitut Quebecois, et cetera. They brought back everything they could and most of the most recent generations have traveled abroad with private tutors for education. There were no limits," he finished, proud of his family's diverse educational background. It had allowed them time to get to know the people of the world and their own people, very important traits for any powerful family. "It is why we speak so many languages."

  • I think I'm coming round to itJeremy Mordue, Sat Jan 5 23:06
    “That’s alright,” Jeremy replied, with what was probably far too much graciousness, one that betrayed that he thought rather a lot of his own good will and where it was bestowed. Honestly, what kind... more
    • No, no, you'll have to do a lot more to come around. — Felipe De Matteo, Sun Jan 6 18:25
      • Yeah, well... so will you. Jeremy Mordue, Thu Jan 10 07:05
        Jeremy shook the hand that Felipe extended, feeling like this was all going really very well, and wishing Nathaniel could see this. Nathaniel thought he was so freaking great. So perfect, Mr.... more
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