I can teach you many things
Sun Jan 6, 2019 23:16

"That's cool," Zara said when Beatriz described herself as from Texas and Quebec. Her tone was genuinely interested and it was clear she was happy to hear more on that subject if Beatriz cared to venture it. There were a few ways someone could be from more than one place - a parent from each, parents from one but being born or growing up in the other, a historical connection like the way in which her mother was Irish, in spite of no member of the family having been there for generations ... She wasn't going to take a stab at which it was. She also didn't want to demand that Beatriz explain further because she knew how exhausting it could be to raft a host of questions from strangers about your heritage. Where are you from? No, but where are you actually from? Is that really your mom? Beatriz identified as both, and that was the important bit - more so than how that came to be.

"No," Zara answered when Beatriz asked about having relatives in the school. She didn't over-analyse Beatriz' question, and whether it was polite interest or a dig for information. Sure, there was the little nag at back of her mind which wondered what this person thought of her, and which hoped she was doing ok. But, if she wasn't, she wasn't about to change course as a result just to try to please Beatriz. She therefore didn't give too much energy to analysing the question because it wasn't going to affect her answer that much.

"My family tends to home school. They were worried that there'd be a lot of racism in a school like this." Given the tone of her skin, this did little to answer the unspoken question of blood status, as Zara could easily have been talking about either type of racism. In fact, it was both. Technically her cousins were Pureblood, ish. But given that her family ran the Muggle Cultural Center, and didn't care who they married, she didn't exactly think the Tates were going to be considered dinner party people, and her own branch of the family was mixed race, in every sense. With her cousin James, there was also homophobic bullying to worry about. People were such a fun panorama of random and irritational hatred. "But I was always curious about school, and we have some family friends here who said it's ok," the tone she put onto this last word implied that Sonora had not been deemed completely free of troubling views but had been deemed safe enough.

"How about you?" she asked.

  • Sound advice.Beatriz Couthon, Sun Jan 6 15:07
    Beatriz Couthon grinned as she stepped off the flying wagon. She had been waiting for this moment for a long time and now that it was finally here, she couldnít hide her excitement. It was... more
    • I can teach you many things — Zara, Sun Jan 6 23:16
      • So could I.Beatriz, Mon Jan 7 17:46
        Beatriz didnít know much about Muggleborns but she knew enough to conclude that Zara - whose surname she still hadnít learnt - wasnít one of them. It remained unlikely that she was from a good family ... more
        • Yay, learning exchangeZara, Tue Jan 8 02:43
          "That's nice. It's good to have a familiar face," Zara smiled when Beatriz mentioned her cousin. "Oh," she said, surprised when Beatriz said her twin brother was going to a different school. Ok, she... more
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