Jessica Hayles
I see a few small problems on the horizon.
Mon Jan 7, 2019 14:47

Today was not the first time Jessica had ever been in the air. With Daddy, she flew to New York to visit family on a semi-regular basis, and on special occasions he let her travel with him other places – she went on Latin American business trips sometimes to practice her Spanish, or to fashion weeks in Europe as rewards for excellence or her birthdays. Even with Mommy, who did not like to go far from home, she had taken short plane rides to south Georgia to visit her Groves relatives, Great-Grandpa and Great-Grandma, who had been governor and first lady of the state, and all her aunts and uncles and cousins who lived down there around them. Flying, then, was something she was accustomed to, and so the journey to Arizona had been the one part of this going-to-wizard-school she had not been terrified of from the start. She had thought she had known what to expect.

She had thought an incorrect thought.

Her already pale skin was almost white as she staggered, weak-kneed and half-sick, off the wagon, blinking away green and black stars until her brown eyes fixed on the bizarre-looking man who seemed to be giving directions. She stared blankly at him for a long moment, then blinked a few more times, rapidly, before reaching into the pale pink bag hanging from one of her wrists and emerging with a gilt compact and a matching thin tube, which looked very like a pen until she removed the cap and revealed instead the extremely slim bullet of a light pink gloss. Half as if in a trance, she opened the mirror and reapplied the gloss, her hands moving with the ease of something very close to muscle memory.

She closed the compact as automatically as she had opened it, but the click brought her back to earth, back to a higher-than-baseline-functioning awareness of her surroundings. With this awareness came a swell of fear. She was among barbarians. They travelled like that, and they had compelled her to buy a bunch of dead bug parts for a class, and their books indicated they were acutely superstitious to a man, and she was trapped here among them, at least until she could convince them she wasn’t a danger to herself and others with these abilities they claimed she had – but she had on her lip gloss. Jessica Rose was the name of the shade; Daddy had had the color she wore on her lips and nails, along with the eau de toilette she wore, blended in honor of her birth eleven years ago. Daddy always said that there wasn’t much to do about feeling bad, but that was why it was lucky it mattered less how you felt than how you looked. And compared to the guy talking, anyway, she looked really, really good. Tentatively, she took a few steps forward in the direction all the other sixth graders seemed to be heading.

The folders looked like the most important things, so she made a beeline for those and opened up one, looking for some signs of hope. She found none. When the man – Professor Xavier; oh great, it was X-Men – who had been giving directions came and started speaking, she listened closely, waiting for what she wanted to know, but she found nothing – well, almost nothing. At least it sounded like they did have some extracurricular programs, but where was Spanish Honors, or Junior Beta, and all the other sports besides the weird one that came up occasionally in the magic books? And more importantly, where the heck were the rest of their classes? She had assumed that the magic stuff was just an add-on, electives replacing her art and music and Spanish immersion classes at her old school, and that they would be given textbooks for normal subjects once they got here. That was, after all, the only logical explanation – normal classes were regulated, with standards, so of course they would use the same books she would have back at her old school, or similar. It could not really be that they expected her to study nothing but this for two years. It couldn’t be. She would get so far behind!

Her chest began to feel as though it were going to close up again. She pressed her lips together firmly. When something went wrong, one got a drink, put on a lipstick, and got the heck on with it. That was what Elizabeth Taylor had said, and while Jessica would generally not take Elizabeth Taylor as a guide for how to live her life, that statement made sense. So now she was going to go get something to drink, and then she would figure out who this adult guardian of hers was supposed to be, and she would get her schedule sorted out. They had to have her test scores and grades from her old school in Atlanta; they would have to understand that she was on an IB track and had her high school and university shortlists in development, and that as intelligent as she was, missing two years of everything she had studied up to this point would be a disaster. It would be easy to get it sorted. If she didn’t have a panic attack right now and make a spectacle of herself.

She pushed her copper-colored hair back behind her ears and walked toward to a table with what looked like fruit punch, only to have someone else get to the ladle just ahead of her. She smiled automatically. It didn’t matter how she felt, only how she looked. “Hi,” she said, with a slight southern accent. “I’m Jessica. Nice to meet you.”

  • First Year OrientationProfessor Nathan Xavier, Fri Jan 4 12:42
    Nathan was up far too early this morning, and it had nothing to do with his duties as Head of House or even orienting the first years. Students weren't arriving until afternoon, after all. No, his... more
    • Do I spy a familiar face? [Tag Isabella Harrington] Theodore Flores, Sat Jan 12 16:19
      All it took was one step, and Theodore Flores was off the wagon and had arrived at Sonora. It wasn’t an obviously special step – no need to consider rise and fall, or quick versus slow, or any form... more
      • You do indeed.Isabella Harrington, Sun Jan 13 06:35
        Isabella Harrington was not happy to be at Sonora. As far as she was concerned, the school was responsible for the current problems in her life. The fact that her parents had chosen to send her to... more
    • I see a few small problems on the horizon. — Jessica Hayles, Mon Jan 7 14:47
      • Ahoy, matey!Jake "JD" Daniels, Fri Mar 8 03:51
        Even though it totally sucked that JD wasn’t going to be able to see all his friends at this new school he was being sent to, he was excited for the adventure! It had been hard saying goodbye to his... more
        • A gentleman. Jessica’s smile grew slightly warmer at the display of courtesy. She was used to adult men waiting on her (both because they were employees and because Mommy said this was how gentlemen... more
          • Well then, let me salute you.JD, Wed Mar 20 04:11
            The girl whose hand he had pushed out of the way acquiesced to his suggestion and JD felt proud of himself for making her smile. He loved making girls smile. He loved making anyone smile, really, but ... more
            • I like you.Jessica, Wed Mar 20 10:50
              His whole life. Jessica knew her eyes widened slightly, though that could be excused too by JD’s description of why he had required a keeper for as long as he could remember. “Oh wow,” she said, her... more
    • Be yourself - everyone else is already takenZara Jackson, Sat Jan 5 22:40
      Zara stepped off the wagon and followed the signs for first year orientation, telling herself firmly that she could do this. She was sure it was perfectly normal to feel a little nervous on your... more
      • Sound advice.Beatriz Couthon, Sun Jan 6 15:07
        Beatriz Couthon grinned as she stepped off the flying wagon. She had been waiting for this moment for a long time and now that it was finally here, she couldn’t hide her excitement. It was... more
        • I can teach you many thingsZara, Sun Jan 6 23:16
          "That's cool," Zara said when Beatriz described herself as from Texas and Quebec. Her tone was genuinely interested and it was clear she was happy to hear more on that subject if Beatriz cared to... more
          • So could I.Beatriz, Mon Jan 7 17:46
            Beatriz didn’t know much about Muggleborns but she knew enough to conclude that Zara - whose surname she still hadn’t learnt - wasn’t one of them. It remained unlikely that she was from a good family ... more
            • Yay, learning exchangeZara, Tue Jan 8 02:43
              "That's nice. It's good to have a familiar face," Zara smiled when Beatriz mentioned her cousin. "Oh," she said, surprised when Beatriz said her twin brother was going to a different school. Ok, she... more
    • This all sounds very adequate.Felipe De Matteo, Fri Jan 4 19:48
      Felipe was pleased to find that Sonora was an organized institution. He had suspected it would be -- it wouldn't be a world-renowned educational facility if it hadn't earned a fair reputation for... more
      • We'll seeJeremy Mordue, Sat Jan 5 21:16
        The wagon ride seemed calculated to annoy. The journey itself was unnecessary slow and dull but the worst part was Nathaniel sitting opposite him, constantly looking like he was on the verge of... more
        • We certainly will.Felipe De Matteo, Sat Jan 5 21:45
          Felipe found this boy utterly fascinating. He was, from first impression, exactly who Felipe's own father was trying to make sure Felipe never became. Although the heir to the De Matteo fortune was... more
          • I think I'm coming round to itJeremy Mordue, Sat Jan 5 23:06
            “That’s alright,” Jeremy replied, with what was probably far too much graciousness, one that betrayed that he thought rather a lot of his own good will and where it was bestowed. Honestly, what kind... more
            • No, no, you'll have to do a lot more to come around. Felipe De Matteo, Sun Jan 6 18:25
              Felipe had dark eyebrows, like his deep, almost black hair. One of them, his right eyebrow, wanted nothing more than to arch in amusement and satisfaction. Jeremy seemed to be exactly the sort of... more
              • Yeah, well... so will you. Jeremy Mordue, Thu Jan 10 07:05
                Jeremy shook the hand that Felipe extended, feeling like this was all going really very well, and wishing Nathaniel could see this. Nathaniel thought he was so freaking great. So perfect, Mr.... more
    • I don't speak EnglishHilda Hexenmeister, Fri Jan 4 13:21
      Hilda had a problem. Well, she had a number of different problems, but the biggest one concerning her right this moment was the one called English. She hated English. She really really hated it with... more
      • Same thoughJohanna Leonie Zauberhexen, Fri Jan 4 19:38
        The man with the funny name was tired, right? That's why his words seemed sort of slurred together and like the whole speech was just one big word? She knew German tended to smush words together to... more
        • Gott sie DankHilda, Sat Jan 5 08:42
          OOC: It is safe to assume everything Hilda says is in German unless stated otherwise. BIC: Hilda’s eyes widened in shock as the approaching red haired girl spoke German to her. Her stance loosened,... more
          • Freunden!Johanna Leonie, Sat Jan 5 09:16
            OOC: I'll do the same. IC: Johanna Leonie could've cried. "You're German," she practically shouted in their shared language. The foreign school suddenly seemed much less foreign. Between shared... more
            • Jippeh!Hilda, Sat Jan 5 14:40
              Johanna Leonie. That was her best friend’s name. Very nice. Hilda liked it. Hilda liked her. She could only hope that lasted through the awkward phase of actually getting to know a person. She... more
              • Du bist meine neue Familie.Johann Leonie, Sat Jan 5 15:03
                Johanna Leonie sighed a breath of relief to hear she was not alone. Not alone! That was so exciting. Hilda's brother sounded wonderful, simply because he was also German and there were few things in... more
                • Und du bist meineHilda, Sat Jan 5 18:30
                  Friederike Albert. Obviously Johanna Leonie's parents liked double names as much as her own liked the letter H. "Hansel is younger than that," she told her new friend. "He won't be here for a while.... more
                  • Jetzt haben wir Schwestern. [Now we have sisters.]Johanna Leonie, Sat Jan 5 21:24
                    "Awe, he must still be cute then!" Johanna Leonie laughed. "Friederike Albert is not cute anymore, he's a tornado. Maybe less of a tornado than I am but a tornado none the less." Johanna Leonie... more
                    • Das ist gutHilda, Sat Jan 5 22:19
                      Hilda laughed and agreed, "Yes, Hans is very cute. If we get to be roommates, I will show you a picture." She supposed she could still show Johanna Leonie a picture even if they weren't roommates,... more
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