So could I.
Mon Jan 7, 2019 17:46

Beatriz didn’t know much about Muggleborns but she knew enough to conclude that Zara - whose surname she still hadn’t learnt - wasn’t one of them. It remained unlikely that she was from a good family but at least she wasn’t an alien.

She nodded as Zara talked, assuming without question that by racism she was referring to the colour of her skin. Homeschooling wasn’t an unusual concept to her and she knew quite a few other kids who were homeschooled. She could see the perks but the idea of being away from home at a boarding school seemed so much more fun.

“I have a second cousin here - Luke Powell, he’s a sixth year,” Beatriz replied. She didn’t see Luke that much, since he lived in California, but she knew him well enough from family gatherings and events. Despite not being very close, it was still nice to know she’d have a familiar face around school and her mother had said Luke would look out for her. Beatriz didn’t think she needed looking out for. Part of the reason she had opted to go to a different school to her brother was to be more independent, but she did feel cool knowing one of the older kids, even if he wasn’t quite like the rest of her family.

“But some of my family have attended in the past,” she added. “I have a twin brother Felix but he’s gone to L’Institut Quebecois.”

It suddenly occurred to her that she should divulge some more information about herself before people got the wrong end of the stick and thought her parents were separated or something. “My mother’s from Texas and my father’s from Québec so we’ve got family in both places - that’s why I have two homes. We often travel between the two for their work…” Beatriz trailed off. Business was boring. She wasn’t about to become one of those kids who seemed to think they were older than they were and had a place talking business - they just looked silly.

“So, do you think you’ll join any of the clubs?” Beatriz changed the subject, flicking her long red hair over her shoulder. Now that she had established the important stuff, or as much as she could be bothered with, she was far more interested in finding out if Zara had anything in common with herself.

  • I can teach you many thingsZara, Sun Jan 6 23:16
    "That's cool," Zara said when Beatriz described herself as from Texas and Quebec. Her tone was genuinely interested and it was clear she was happy to hear more on that subject if Beatriz cared to... more
    • So could I. — Beatriz, Mon Jan 7 17:46
      • Yay, learning exchangeZara, Tue Jan 8 02:43
        "That's nice. It's good to have a familiar face," Zara smiled when Beatriz mentioned her cousin. "Oh," she said, surprised when Beatriz said her twin brother was going to a different school. Ok, she... more
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