Jeremy Mordue
Yeah, well... so will you.
Thu Jan 10, 2019 07:05

Jeremy shook the hand that Felipe extended, feeling like this was all going really very well, and wishing Nathaniel could see this. Nathaniel thought he was so freaking great. So perfect, Mr. Teppenpaw with all his diplomacy and etiquette skills. Well, Jeremy was doing fine. Better than fine. He could be gracious as heck and if Nathaniel was here he’d make him eat humble pie so fast he damn well choked on it and who’d be King of Diplomacy then, huh? Felipe thought there were people here who were keen to meet him.

He had no idea how to play that because he doubted it was true. But obviously he couldn’t admit that.


This was harder than he’d thought.

“Well. Uh. Yeah. Probably,” he agreed. It was polite to agree, right? He hated how uncertain he sounded.

And then Felipe moved on to talking about himself. And it got better. And worse. It got better because it meant Jeremy no longer had to think of what to say. Anyone who knew him in the slightest would have been very surprised to find how quickly he found himself not wanting to be the main subject of the conversation. Normally, if there was one thing Jeremy liked to talk about, it was Jeremy. Also on the getting better side, Felipe was an heir. Which was like… bonus points for how well he was doing at making friends, and how well he’d read the room (well… garden clearing) and picked out the right person to talk to. The getting worse part was also that Felipe was an heir. Jeremy wasn’t. That made Felipe better than him. He also managed to casually drop in speaking multiple languages like it was no big deal (and, Jeremy supposed, it wasn’t really because if Felipe had grown up being foreign well… then of course he spoke foreign languages. It wasn’t learning something. It was sort of cheating to try to count it as an accomplishment). Still, Felipe had managed to drop something impressive (sort of - it didn’t really count) into the conversation and Jeremy knew that he had to match that but without seeming like he was matching it. It wasn’t like he wasn’t good at things. He was really excellent at Quidditch. But whenever he brought it up, Nathaniel told him off for bragging, even if he was just saying what was true. And now he saw the effortless way that Felipe had managed to drop his skills into conversation, Jeremy kind of got it. And had no idea how to do it too.

“That’s cool,” he said, trying for casual. And succeeding. He definitely sounded casual. Not intimidated. “Languages are pretty useful. What do you speak?” he asked. Maybe Felipe only spoke Spanish, which he had to because he was Mexican, and English, which he had to because of going to school here. If that was the case, it definitely didn’t count.

  • No, no, you'll have to do a lot more to come around. Felipe De Matteo, Sun Jan 6 18:25
    Felipe had dark eyebrows, like his deep, almost black hair. One of them, his right eyebrow, wanted nothing more than to arch in amusement and satisfaction. Jeremy seemed to be exactly the sort of... more
    • Yeah, well... so will you. — Jeremy Mordue, Thu Jan 10 07:05
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