Isabella Harrington
You do indeed.
Sun Jan 13, 2019 06:35

Isabella Harrington was not happy to be at Sonora. As far as she was concerned, the school was responsible for the current problems in her life. The fact that her parents had chosen to send her to the school had resulted in her loss of both a dance partner and loss of daily dance lessons. Didn't they understand how important those lessons were? If she was going to be a champion like her grandmother, she needed those lessons? Who else was going to tell her how to improve? Also, why didn't they realise that packing her off to some school in the middle of some desert was going to upset Alex? It had been terribly challenging getting him to dance with her in the first place, given how little they had in common (a fact made even more poignant by Isabella being magical and Alex being a muggle). Now, it would be impossible to get her second cousin to dance with her ever again.

So, Isabella - or, Bella, as she preferred to be called - stepped off the wagon with a frown and directed it straight at the school building. She doubted that she was likely to find anybody worth dancing with here.

Keeping an irritated sigh bottled inside, she made her way to the Gardens. Once she'd found a folder, she made her way over to the other side of the Gardens, deciding to forgo the food. Her grandmother had given her a lecture about diet and nutrition before her departure and Bella planned on following it to the letter. She had eaten a packed lunch on the wagon and, given that today was not a training day, she wouldn't need to eat again until dinner.

The teacher, Professor Xavier, wasn't interesting and neither was his speech. Instead, she looked at her feet which, to Bella, were far more interesting than listening to the tired-looking man and there was a far more pressing matter to deal with. Prior to departing for Sonora, she had been trying to improve her salsa dancing, which proved difficult without a partner - yet another thing to blame Sonora, her parents and Alex for, they were hindering her dancing ability - and it was why, instead of learning about the school she was to be attending for the next seven years, she started to go over the basic steps.

Dance on the first three beats, pause, then dance for the next three... 1-2-3... 5-6-7...

She managed to tune out the professor and the murmurs of her peers, her features pulled together in a frown as she tried to concentrate. She didn't notice the speech ending or the other first years beginning to find and make friends. She didn't even notice the boy approaching her, otherwise she might have been prepared for the shock of seeing a familiar face. She looked up sharply at his introduction and couldn't hide the surprise on her face as she faced 'Teo' - or, to Bella, one of her biggest rivals in the dancing world.

"We have met," she confirmed, nodding. Her practice of salsa dance steps forgotten as she folded her arms. She didn't smile back at Teo, her competitive nature forcing her to see him as a rival, rather than a friend. Also, he'd interrupted her practice. "I'm Isabella Harrington. We've competed in Ballroom and Latin Dancing competitions many times."

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    • You do indeed. — Isabella Harrington, Sun Jan 13 06:35
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