Jake "JD" Daniels
Ahoy, matey!
Fri Mar 8, 2019 03:51

Even though it totally sucked that JD wasn’t going to be able to see all his friends at this new school he was being sent to, he was excited for the adventure! It had been hard saying goodbye to his parents and his sisters, but the moment the bumpy wagon appeared in site he had been scrambling away for this new excitement, blowing his mother a kiss from the space between the flaps. It was definitely a lot rougher than a plane, or so he imagined (aside from the occasional road trip out to Boston to watch a baseball game, JD had never really left his town, much less Maine), but he didn’t really care. JD liked roller coasters, this was sort of like a roller coaster, ie: FUN.

His suitcase, packed with all the essentials he thought he needed - of course he brought his prize baseball, bat, and mitt, did they think he wouldn’t? - was stuffed under his seat and he laughed the whole way there. Arizona, how exciting!

When JD finally tumbled off the wagon, he was ushered towards a large garden with, who he assumed, were the other sixth graders. Wow, so cool. He looked around - the bushes were tall. They reminded him of the corn maze at the state fair. JD loved a good corn maze. He wondered if there was a prize for whoever completed this one. But the teacher-person who was addressing them now seemed to want his attention so he refocused to the front. There would be plenty of time to figure the corn maze out later.

He didn’t even notice the table of folders until after he noticed everyone else already had one but he figured that there would be enough for everyone so he could just grab it on the way out. Besides, Professor Xavier (how cool was that name?!) was giving them the low down. JD was sure that all the information he’d need to know would be in that talk. Why bother reading something if someone with the coolest name ever could just tell him? After the talk finished, with JD conveniently tuning out at the mention of school uniforms, he headed to the refreshments table. Neat.

There were so many options to choose from, he had no idea where to start, but after looking at all the delicious food items available, JD realized his throat was absolutely parched. Probably a good idea to get something to drink then. He reached out for the ladle to the fruit punch, only to knock a young lady out of the way. How rude of him. JD dropped the ladle and stepped back. “Jake Daniels,” he replied, flashing his dimples. His mother had told him it was appropriate to introduce himself with his full name and not his nickname and so he was doing that. For his mother. “Ladies first. Would you like me to pour you a glass?”

JD had been taught growing up that manners were important, especially when dealing with girls. He couldn’t be rough with them, not how he was with his friends. Growing up with a bunch of sisters made him question that, sometimes, since girls could be mean, but then again it did sort of make sense. His sisters never went out wrestling on the sand dunes or fighting with clamming shovels like they were swords.

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    • Ahoy, matey! — Jake "JD" Daniels, Fri Mar 8 03:51
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