Well then, let me salute you.
Wed Mar 20, 2019 04:11

The girl whose hand he had pushed out of the way acquiesced to his suggestion and JD felt proud of himself for making her smile. He loved making girls smile. He loved making anyone smile, really, but found that girls in particular had very charming smiles. He dipped the ladle in the punch bowl, carefully pouring one glass for his new classmate and handed it to her before pouring himself one. The juice splashed slightly over his hand so, perhaps in not his most distinguished move, JD lifted his hand to his mouth to lick off the extra juice. Courteous he may have been, but an 11-year-old boy he was also.

He shrugged in response to her question. “Seems like my whole life,” he said, glad he finally had someone outside of his family to talk about it. “They assigned a nanny to watch over me since I was two ‘cause I’m the only one in my family like this and my magic was just…” JD’s hands mimed an explosion. “They were worried I’d expose everything, I guess.”

He shrugged. It really hadn’t been that bad, and Rose had become part of the family. He smiled softly thinking of the mild-mannered nanny who had so lovingly taken care of him. Aside from not being able to talk to his friends about his powers, JD had never felt like he was on the outside of anything. Rose had always told him that he was like one of those superheroes in the comics he liked to read so much. Special, but couldn’t tell anyone why. JD liked thinking of himself like a boy Superman.

“What about you?”

  • A gentleman. Jessica’s smile grew slightly warmer at the display of courtesy. She was used to adult men waiting on her (both because they were employees and because Mommy said this was how gentlemen... more
    • Well then, let me salute you. — JD, Wed Mar 20 04:11
      • I like you.Jessica, Wed Mar 20 10:50
        His whole life. Jessica knew her eyes widened slightly, though that could be excused too by JD’s description of why he had required a keeper for as long as he could remember. “Oh wow,” she said, her... more
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