I like you.
Wed Mar 20, 2019 10:50

His whole life. Jessica knew her eyes widened slightly, though that could be excused too by JD’s description of why he had required a keeper for as long as he could remember.

“Oh wow,” she said, her soft accent making the phrase sound slightly breathless.

She wondered how that must feel. Carmela was an employee, technically, but - well, it was complicated, but for various reasons, including but not limited to Carmela taking care of her all her life, Jessica essentially regarded her nanny as a second mother. It had been Carmela she had felt it was all right to go to on the occasions over the past two months when she hadn’t been able to stop crying - or, indeed, occasions before she had found out about all this, less serious things in retrospect, but still things where Mommy and Daddy would have told her to pull herself together instead of singing to her and stroking her hair until she was all cried out. She couldn’t imagine a life where Carmela was part of the problem….

“Two months,” she said when asked how long she had known. “It was all so awful - we already had all my classes and clubs for this year picked out, and we were just coming back from vacation when...this happened.” For a moment, she stared straight ahead, disbelieving still, but she brought her eyes back into focus quickly. “But, the greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it, right?” This was said with a cheerful smile. “That’s what Daddy always says, anyway.”

  • Well then, let me salute you.JD, Wed Mar 20 04:11
    The girl whose hand he had pushed out of the way acquiesced to his suggestion and JD felt proud of himself for making her smile. He loved making girls smile. He loved making anyone smile, really, but ... more
    • I like you. — Jessica, Wed Mar 20 10:50
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