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Jack Spencer
Dear Miss, will you be my date? [tag any 3-5 year witch]
Mon Jul 18, 2016 01:05

It was only a matter of time before the ball crept up on him. Jack liked the formality of balls and dressing up no matter how uncomfortable his shoes felt, but he didn’t fancy the pressure of finding someone to go with. Jack assumed his room-mates had found suitable dates, so he wouldn’t be able to go with them. The only witches he was actually acquainted with were Jemima, who had a boyfriend, Laila Kennedy, whom he’d been in a group with last year, and Valenti, his team-mate. Asking one of them to go with him was too scary, and he wasn’t about to ask his sister under the guise of taking care of her.

This was an extremely troubling dilemma as an adolescent wizard.

The holiday had been nice, seeing his family all in one place again, but boredom quickly took over. Adam and Charlotte had moved out into their own flat near the Ministry of Magic, and his mum had taken up gardening to pass the time. As his older siblings weren’t available and his parents were always busy, he’d spent the rest of the holiday reading adventure novels and exercising, just waiting for school to begin again.

Jack flipped his fringe out of his eyes and entered the library, a book under his arm and his book bag slung across his chest. He loved the reliable schedule of academia. The new addition of Astronomy was exciting, and Science Club had already had a session of stargazing together. He hoped the new professor was competent in her subject; none of the Sonora professors had disappointed as of yet, but Jack had learnt to never say never. The library was where Jack was hoping he would run into a nice-looking witch his age who was pretty, would make intelligent conversation and know how to dance a bar or two. Well, he couldn't be that picky now, really.

Jack had a relatively good idea of who was who around here now. Luckily it wasn't a very large school with very large class sizes. He sat down at his usual table, but his eyes were scoping out for a proper candidate. Even a muggle-born wouldn't matter much, as long as she knew how to dance.

There. He'd spotted his target. Jack suddenly felt very nervous approaching his acquaintance, and the fear of rejection almost made him freeze. However, he swallowed his nervousness and stood up on shaking knees. One step forward, then another, then another...

Now, standing next to her, Jack cleared his throat to get her attention. "Hi," he said, hoping his acquaintance wouldn't give him a suspicious look for approaching her so randomly. He stuck his hands into his robe pockets. His fingers kept clenching and unclenching. "So I was thinking, has anyone asked you to the ball yet? If not, would you like to go with me? I think we could have fun together."

    • It would be my pleasure.Caelia Lucan, Tue Jul 19 17:28
      It was the second semester without Emrys now and Caelia was worried. She had improved slightly over time with Alistair but she still appeared to be having issues with a variety of the more complex... more
      • I'm so relieved.Jack Spencer, Mon Jul 25 14:41
        Jack had approached Caelia with the sole purpose of finding himself a date, but getting to know her better wasn't a terrible idea either. Their siblings were most likely going to get married - the... more
        • Me too.Caelia, Mon Aug 1 14:47
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