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Caelia Lucan
It would be my pleasure.
Tue Jul 19, 2016 17:28

It was the second semester without Emrys now and Caelia was worried. She had improved slightly over time with Alistair but she still appeared to be having issues with a variety of the more complex spells. With Emrys it had been her role to be the doting younger sister who needed her big brother in her life. With Alistair she was the adoring friend. With both wizards she was a dependant. And she was kind of tired of feeling like that.

Matthew never made her feel like that. He made her feel like she was on top of the world. He was kind and patient and liked her for who she was. It never once crossed her mind that he liked her because she was kinda stupid. She just thought he liked her in spite of being stupid. And even though it had been awkward at first, Caelia was enjoying how they had rekindled their friendship. Matthew was a nice enough person to write with--so long as she remembered to misspell enough words and didn't mention her time spent with Alistair.

Matthew didn't like her close friendship with the Southwest boy and she guessed she could understand why but it was still frustrating. Even though she liked how Matt made her feel, she didn't like feeling trapped--again. Everywhere she turned she felt trapped. Even around Kelsey and Kira she felt trapped. The weird dynamic between the two cousins made Caelia feel uncomfortable. Kira seemed so hesitant, so careful about Kelsey whereas Caelia's best friend and roommate was bold and confidant. She was happy to reassure Kira when the younger witch worried but she also wanted to scream in frustration each time because she didn't think her friend needed to be insecure about those things.

For once she wanted to relax and not worry about something. And so she retreated to the library. Caelia wasn't normally found in the library as she could get quite frustrated roaming around the times she wasn't supposed to understand, but she had stopped going to the MARS room because it reminded her of the dance club she no longer belonged to. She had really enjoyed the times there since it was a place she could escape from the strict rules she abided by as Caelia Lucan, but in the end it had been overrun by those she wasn't supposed to associate with even though they made her feel relaxed and carefree in a way she hadn't felt since Emrys had first left her seven years ago to attend Sonora. Despite how she had been raised by Grandmother Viviane, Caelia liked Ginger Pierce and her colorful scarves and the twirling aimless with no point except for that it was fun.

And now she didn't have that space anymore. She pulled out a chair and placed the book she had pulled from the shelf on the table before her with a thud, letting her head fall forward onto it with equal force. She didn't attempt to read it because she knew it was probably amongst those texts deemed "too difficult for simple Caelia," but it was thick enough that she supposed it made a good pillow fort for the purposes of just sitting there and trying to block out the rest of the world. A voice pulled her from her thoughts and she turned to smile at the younger brother of her brother's girlfriend(? fiancée? whatever Emrys & Charlotte Spencer were?)

"Sure," she responded politely even though she'd not had much conversation with Jack Spencer one on one before. She supposed he felt as though they ought to get to know each other better since their siblings were so close. "I'd like that very much, thank you for asking." Her eyes glanced towards the heavy book that she'd been hiding behind. An ancient thing on runes and other dusty subjects her brother was sure to enjoy. Perhaps if Grandmother Viviane was the sort to think witches could do everything wizards could do she might have been interested in it too. But instead it had been ingrained into Caelia's brain that a witch's only purpose in life was to please her wizard and that wizards did not like it when a witch could outsmart him. And so from a young age Caelia had staunched her curiosity about the world and learned how to be dumb until, suddenly, she had become completely silly.

"Emrys likes this sort of thing," she found herself saying now, as though she was embarrassed to be caught with such an advanced topic of book. "I just wanted to see what it was all about so that when I see him this summer I could talk to him about it." It was a little white lie but after she said it, Caelia realized that it was true, too. "Do you know anything about runes?"

OOC: thought it could be fun to acquaint the siblings :)

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    • It would be my pleasure. — Caelia Lucan, Tue Jul 19 17:28
      • I'm so relieved.Jack Spencer, Mon Jul 25 14:41
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        • Me too.Caelia, Mon Aug 1 14:47
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