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Chuck Fintoc and Daniel Fintoc
Meet the family (tag Kira)
Thu Jul 21, 2016 15:45

Chuck was at a loss with what to do with himself. It was difficult being out of the loop and thus not able to comfort those in need. At first he had been most displeased that Emmy-Lou had actually left the school without telling him first but the note he had received to explain her absence just made him feel sad. Irrelevant of the fact that they weren’t actually blood relatives, he was her brother and it was his job to protect and be the shoulder for her to cry on.

The fourth year hadn’t expected to be invited to William Taylor’s funeral himself - although he was rather close with the Curtis family, he had never got much opportunity to know Rolene’s fiancé (who had seemed almost as busy as she did). That didn’t mean the news didn’t affect Chuck in any way, however, as he’d heard a lot about the young Australian man over the years from both Emmy and Joella and was therefore aware that they would be very cut up by the dreadful incident.

The redhead felt rather on edge, keen for Emmy to return to Sonora so that he could be there for her, and also for Joella. He found himself even more distracted from his studies than usual so decided to meet up with Dan in the library on Monday evening (the day following his stepsister’s sudden departure) to see if the presence of his younger cousin might settle him and help him catch up on homework, if not cheer him up and distract him from thoughts of the girls and their unfortunate loss.

“What are you working on?” Dan asked. He was glad that Chuck had arranged to meet up with him, even if it was just as a homework companion. They weren’t in the same class so weren’t working together but it was nice to make studying a sociable thing sometimes. Although given the current circumstances (Dan had been informed of Emmy’s situation by Chuck yesterday), he wasn’t sure whether Chuck wanted him to sit quietly and look pretty or to chat with him like nothing was wrong.

“Transfiguration,” Chuck replied with a slight grimace. Transfiguration had to be his least favourite subject - it was just too damn difficult, and boring, which really didn’t help.

“Ouch,” grinned Dan, for once not acting all snobbish about school work. Usually he would have suggested that he found the subject rather easy and delightful just to better himself over Chuck but truth be told, that class required a lot of brainpower for him too. “I’ve got some research to do for Charms,” he told Chuck, flicking through a heavy book to find some relevant information that wasn’t in the mandatory textbooks for that class. “What’s the betting that Professor Perrault will be setting us an essay on the Memory Charm some time soon?” he muttered, but he wasn’t really as bitter about it as he sounded. The Charms professor seemed rather fond of essays and since it was Charms, a subject Dan looked particularly favourably upon, he couldn’t really complain. After all, Daniel did like to remind people that it wasn’t just about practical results but also getting good grades in theory that made you the real master of magic. He longed for the day when he was as knowledgeable, and generally as all round amazing, as Professor Perrault.

“I thought you liked Charms,” Chuck looked up from his parchment.

“I do,” Dan smiled. “I was just trying to humour you.”

“Humour me?” Chuck snorted questioningly.

“Well, you know,” Dan shrugged. “I was trying to be a kindred spirit, moaning about homework.”

Chuck laughed, although subsided abruptly when he got shushed by someone. “I appreciate the sentiment. Now, I don’t suppose you’re any good at Transfig?”

“Well,” Daniel puffed out his chest and if Chuck didn’t know better he would have thought it a joke but Dan saw himself as no way comical. He stood up and leant across but didn’t understand what he saw in Chuck’s book. He frowned, not wanting to admit defeat.

Chuck just laughed him off it again. “You’re crap at Transfig, clearly,” he said, “now stop wasting my time.”

Dan pulled a face and sat back down in his chair. “Fine, don’t have my help,” his retort only mocking offence. “But for the record, I’m actually rather good at Transfiguration - I’m just two years younger than you so haven’t covered that stuff yet.”

Chuck hadn’t looked at his work for a while and was busy glancing around the library to see if there was anyone nearby to help him. Seemingly he was in luck as Kira happened to walk past at just that moment. As far as he was concerned she was a bright young witch - he knew she got good results from her wand in class. And he really liked her. She was one of the quieter people he knew and he liked that about her. Chuck himself came across as a loud person and he thoroughly enjoyed spending time with his uber friendly and outgoing friends who were always a good laugh but at the same time he appreciated the quieter sorts of people. He liked being quiet too sometimes, which might surprise most people, and this was another reason that he enjoyed the company of animals so much.

“Hey Kira!” he leant back on his chair, pushing off from the table slightly, as he called over to her, again perhaps too loud for the environment but Chuck wasn’t the sort to be embarrassed from attention being drawn to him. He did lower his voice, however, upon realisation that he was perhaps a little too noisy for the library, although only for Kira’s sake because the last thing he wanted was for her to feel uncomfortable about any part of their friendship. “Fancy lending me a hand with some Transfiguration work?”

When Kira approached, he thought he should be a bit more gentlemanly (she was a lady after all). “Kira, meet my cousin Daniel,” he waved a hand in gesture towards Daniel. “Daniel, meet Kira.”

The mood that Chuck had got him in gave Daniel half a mind to be as exuberant as to kiss Kira’s hand but he thought that might be one step too far. “A pleasure to meet you,” is all he said, accompanied with a friendly smile, as though he were a mature adult and that hadn’t sounded at all silly coming from a pre-pubescent tween like himself.

“Now, have you or have you not done this Transfig homework?” Chuck prodded at his mess of books and parchment to indicate to the topic that he was working on. “And also, have you or have you not got morals?”

“In other words, can he copy yours or can you at least help him,” Dan interjected with an explanation of Chuck’s questions, grinning when his cousin shot him a scowl in good humour.

OOC: This post utilizes fuzzy-time a little as I have posted Joella in Cascade Hall as being back.

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