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Theodore Wolseithcrafte
A more innocent kind of propositioning (tag Serena)
Sat Jul 23, 2016 00:53

It didn't matter whether or not Theodore wanted a date for the ball, school tradition forced it upon him to find one. Had they not both been prefects, he might have suggested skipping out on the ball to Liliana, in favour of more pleasurable pursuits, but their absence during the opening dance would surely be noted. Perhaps though, after their token appearance, they could still make something of the night... It would be their last at Sonora. And, outside of society functions, probably the last time he would see her. He wouldn't say that he had grown emotionally attached to her, as such (and most certainly would not voice anything approaching that thought to her face) but it was an understatement to say that he enjoyed her company. And, he was starting to think, it might not just be the physical but something about Liliana herself... The friendly rivalry they had, her personality... Whilst they weren't what he normally sought in a person, he had to admit they added a certain.... je ne sais quoi to their liaisons. The world outside Sonora, girls outside of Liliana, were uncharted territory, and he wasn't sure what the future would hold for him on that front.

Still, if any of that meant she thought he would ask her to the ball, even to do the prefects' dance with him, she was mistaken. Their whole arrangement was a no-strings-attached, no-feelings-involved sort of affair. Even though there was a purely pragmatic sense to him asking her, he didn't want to risk her scorn, her suggestions that he was getting romantic, and her rejection. He wasn't going to give her that kind of power over him, even though she probably could have got him to beg her to go with him if she wanted to, or just wanted to make him say it. She had... ways. Besides, there was someone else in their year who needed his help just as much as Liliana...

Serena Brockert was the perfect choice. She was the embodiment of everything Liliana ought to be and wasn't. A good girl. Truly respectable. Head of their year. A very nice young lady. It only emphasised the comparison that there were only two girls in their year. It was one thing to not be going with Liliana – a fact which she would probably, at first, pity him for – it was quite another to one-up her in the dating game, both in the fact that his date would better than whoever she brought (unless she snagged Duncan Brockert, but his eyes seemed to be elsewhere), and also better than Liliana herself.

He chose the library as the best place to do the deed, as it felt less public, and any rejection would at least have to be done quietly. He couldn't see any logical reason why Serena would refuse to go with him, but girls weren't always logical, which was why the whole thing was so much bother... He had thought carefully over his words – a pure business arrangement wasn't really seen as very flattering, but he shouldn't be too romantic with another man's fiancée.

“Good evening, Miss Brockert,” he addressed her, when he found her studying one evening. “I have a suggestion to make to you, and I hope you will hear me out... I know you are engaged to be married, and I offer my congratulations. However, we both need partners for the opening dance at the ball. I hope that you, and your intended, would therefore take it as an act of chivalry, and not of presumption or ill-manners, were I to ask you to partner me. I would not oblige you to spend the rest of the evening in my company, though of course would be delighted should you choose to favour me with it.” The last part was the only bit that wasn't strictly speaking true, as he could think of a large number of things that Liliana could do to him that were much more pleasurable than small talk with a girl he barely knew. However, he wanted to balance the business-nature of the arrangement with a compliment or two, and it seemed polite to offer his company whilst flattering Serena that hers would be a pleasure.

    • A replySerena Brockert, Fri Aug 19 19:34
      As her RATS were coming up this term, Serena found herself in the Library often. Just because she was basically set for what she was going to do after graduation, marrying Oscar and moving to Livilia ... more
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