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Jack Spencer
I'm so relieved.
Mon Jul 25, 2016 14:41

Jack had approached Caelia with the sole purpose of finding himself a date, but getting to know her better wasn't a terrible idea either. Their siblings were most likely going to get married - the sooner the better, according to Mum - and Caelia would be family soon. Jack couldn't imagine what it would mean for his relationship with Charlotte, her being married. His two older siblings had moved out already into their own flat, but Jack would have to get used to seeing their significant others at family events.

In any case, Jack was extremely relieved when Caelia accepted his proposal. He hadn't realised how nervous he'd actually been at the thought of being rejected for the first time, but the feeling of being accepted was very nice. "Brilliant," he replied with a smile. Now at least he could confidently say he was looking forward to the ball. Formal events were fun in some ways, and he hardly had the opportunity to dress up in dress robes unlike Adam and Charlotte.

The book Caelia was hiding behind was curious, and Jack wondered briefly if she was interested in runes. Whilst Jack himself hadn't studied the subject much, he would be impressed if she knew something on the subject. However, her admission was much more realistic, and Jack sat down at her table.

"I don't know much," he said honestly. "It was never a subject that interested me much. I do know they serve some sort of magical purpose, I just don't know what." Jack didn't know Emrys liked that sort of thing; he was sure Charlotte would be bored to death by it. "I love Transfiguration, though," he continued. "I want to be a professor like Professor Skies when I'm older. It's fascinating, even the theories and debates surrounding it."

Jack could go on about academics as long as they didn't talk about runes again, but he knew it wasn't going to last long if Caelia wasn't interested. "Have you found anything interesting in that book?" he asked.

OOC: Sounds lovely!

  • It would be my pleasure.Caelia Lucan, Tue Jul 19 17:28
    It was the second semester without Emrys now and Caelia was worried. She had improved slightly over time with Alistair but she still appeared to be having issues with a variety of the more complex... more
    • I'm so relieved. — Jack Spencer, Mon Jul 25 14:41
      • Me too.Caelia, Mon Aug 1 14:47
        Emrys was really smart. In fact, Caelia thought her brother was probably one of the smartest wizards in the wizarding world. She had nothing but admiration for him. Her admiration rew even more as... more
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