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Sébastien Évreux
Alors, on danse? [Tag: Madeleine]
Wed Jul 27, 2016 16:16

Tracking down Madeleine hadn’t proven to be a difficult task. A quick unsuccessful check of the common room, and then Sébastien had had the brainwave to check the library before Cascade Hall. After all, they did have that potions essay to work on, and it wasn’t particularly close to a mealtime. He didn’t want to ask her whilst eating. That had the potential for food-related disaster, at least according to his mother, who had once advised him to never ask a lady a question whilst she is eating, lest she deem it impertinent and forget her manners in favour of smearing foie gras on your face. That thought, whilst seeming a little unlikely (but then again, Isabelle Évreux had her own ways of doing things), had stuck with Bastien ever since.

He had a mission to complete that day, and no intention of failing. Sébastien Évreux was not going to go dateless to the ball (what kind of reputation would that give him?), and Madeleine really was the most suitable option. She was from one of the finest families, and, even more importantly, she was French. That meant quite a lot in Bastien’s eyes.

Taking a seat next to her, he glanced over her work to see what she was doing. “Ça va?” he asked, deciding he didn’t want to go straight into his reasons for tracking her down, before getting bored and changing his mind.

“Madeleine,” started Bastien seriously, turning to look straight at her as he did have something fairly important to ask her. Obviously he took it as a given that she would say yes (there was no one more suitable for her to go with, just as she was the most suitable option for him, and besides who wouldn’t want to say yes to him?) but Sébastien Évreux was not one of the bourgeoisie, and he liked to do things properly. “Veux-tu m'accompagner au bal à la fin de l’année?

Veux-tu m'accompagner au bal à la fin de l’année? = Would you like to accompany me to the ball at the end of the year ?

    • Alors on danse.Madeleine Dautin, Mon Aug 1 16:56
      Madeleine was kind of annoyed with Sébastien Évreux. She had known from the announcement of the ball that he would be asking her. It was just a given. There were many pureblood witches and wizards at ... more
      • MerciSébastien, Wed Aug 17 16:25
        Sébastien opened his mouth to protest at Madeleine’s words, but quickly reflected and shut it again without saying anything. Madeleine might have a point. As loath as he was to admit it, the more... more
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