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Me too.
Mon Aug 1, 2016 14:47

Emrys was really smart. In fact, Caelia thought her brother was probably one of the smartest wizards in the wizarding world. She had nothing but admiration for him. Her admiration rew even more as Jack Spencer disclosed that he didn’t know much about runes. Jack Spencer was an Aladren like Emrys and, Caelia thought, was probably one of the smarter wizards in their year. He further confirmed this as he admitted his desire to one day be a Transfiguration professor. Only someone who was truly smart would enjoy theories and debates over one of the harder branches of magic, Caelia thought.

As he joined her at the table she smiled at him and moved the heavy book over so that he didn’t have it cluttering the space in front of him. She was glad that runes weren’t something that Jack knew an awful lot about because she knew that not only just as an Aladren but also a wizard he was a lot smarter than she was and despite knowing it was her place to be less intelligent, she really didn’t like it when she was made to feel stupid by others when they engaged her in intellectual conversation.

But being asked if she had found anything interesting in the book, that was something that Caelia though was okay to admit. Showing interest in something was not the same thing as showing off ones’ smarts, she had been taught by her grandmother, and besides that she would one day be expected to show interest in whatever it was her future husband was interested in and some of the more intellectual pursuits would hopefully be among those.

“I suppose there are a few things that I don’t understand,” she admitted. “I’ll probably ask Emrys about them when I see him this summer. He offered to let me stay with him for a week. My parents think that would be nice but I don’t think my grandmother is too pleased with that idea—she likes to have me around, you see. But he promised to come visit me if I can’t go visit him.” Caelia really missed her brother. Alistair was nice but he wasn’t the same.

“Anyway, Emrys really likes everything old, he was interning at this bookshop—” Caelia wasn’t sure how much of Emrys’ life Jack knew about since she didn’t know if he was as close with Charlotte as she was with Emrys. “—I thought it was the perfect fit for him, really. And they offered him a full time position and he took it, you know, but I don’t know…he seems like he wants more out of life than just sitting in that dusty shop all day…” Caelia frowned slightly. It was not polite to take family matters outside of the family, but Jack was practically family—or would be any day once Emrys got his crap together and asked Jack’s sister to marry him anyway.

But they were not family yet so instead of continuing or elaborating why she thought that, Caelia just shrugged. “But what do I know? I’m just the little sister.” And, changing the subject to focus on Jack’s interests—because it was always polite to talk about what interested other people, she asked after what she assumed to be his favorite subject.

“You’re one of the lucky ones though, I’m not sure if I’ll ever fully grasp transfiguration, is it just natural for you?” Studying was not her strong point, neither was memorizing large portions of text, and it was certainly lady-like that she wasn’t leading her class or anything, but she still desired to be smarter than she felt most of the time.

  • I'm so relieved.Jack Spencer, Mon Jul 25 14:41
    Jack had approached Caelia with the sole purpose of finding himself a date, but getting to know her better wasn't a terrible idea either. Their siblings were most likely going to get married - the... more
    • Me too. — Caelia, Mon Aug 1 14:47
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