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Madeleine Dautin
Alors on danse.
Mon Aug 1, 2016 16:56

Madeleine was kind of annoyed with Sébastien Évreux. She had known from the announcement of the ball that he would be asking her. It was just a given. There were many pureblood witches and wizards at Sonora—all of whom would have made very appropriate dates for the two of them, but they were allies and beyond that they were both the only full-French at the school other than Louis Valois and Madeleine was positive that neither she nor Bastien—no, Sébastien for now because she was annoyed with him, would be attending the ball on the Valois heir’s immaculately dressed arm.

However the days and weeks and months passed until Madeleine was quite sure that Sébastien Évreux, despite his commitment to her as her ally against the dreadful Americans (who really weren’t as dreadful as Madeleine had originally thought) had actually gone and asked someone else to the ball. If he had asked Liliana Bannister she didn’t think she could ever forgive him. Especially after Madeleine had told him all about “that Bannister salope” and what she had done to her precious Myrtille.

She had been trying to deal with his rejection carefully. After all, there had been a time where she didn’t care what he thought of her. And, in all reality, when she really sat down and thought about it, she wasn’t sure she did care what he thought. They were friends of convenience anyway, but they were still friends nonetheless and so it hurt a little bit that Sébastien had decided to ask Madeleine’s seventh year enemy to the ball instead of Madeleine herself.

So, when Sébastien found her in the library doing what she did best when she was stressed out, learn new things, her response was to pay more attention to her book on hand (Failed Transfigurations of the Eighteenth Century). “Oui, ça va, et toi?” she replied, absent-mindedly. She had been waiting long enough for him to ask her to the ball that she thought she was going to have to trick someone else into asking her before him simply so she could rub his nose in his own failure. And besides, why should she give him the time of day when he clearly thought his time of day was best spent with the likes of noblesse who were more like the bourgeoise salopes her father liked to play with than actual members of the noblesse.

“Sébastien,” she mimicked him, putting down her quill and turning to face him with a mock serious expression on her face. Getting on his nerves whenever she could was one of her favourite past times since he couldn’t actually be upset with her. There was too much history and too many things riding on their friendship and besides that, she was pretty sure he wasn’t close to anyone else. It seemed, though, that he had more to say because he accompanying questions (about her accompanying him to the ball, no less) drowned out her rather immature attempt at baiting.

“Why, Sébastien,” she replied in her best American accent. “I thought you’d never ask.” She put a hand on his, as though his words really had charmed her. “Mais la prochaine fois tu peux me demander un peu plus tôt, tu sais? A girl doesn’t like to feel like a last option.” Madeleine was pouting now but she didn’t really care.

salope = slut
Oui, ça va, et toi? = Yes, things are well, and you?
Mais la prochaine fois tu peux me demander un peu plus tôt, tu sais = But the next time you could ask me a little sooner, you know?

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