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Kira Spaulding
I could easily reciprocate that.
Thu Aug 4, 2016 19:12

Kira sighed to herself. All she wanted was for the year to end, for the ball to be over so she ouldn't have to think about it for another four years. So she wouldn't have to feel bad anymore. Of course, next time would be worse, since her odds of getting a date next would be even lower and her friends were both older than her. Though Kira supposed it didn't matter because they had dates and she didn't so either way she was going to be alone there and unlike at Spaulding functions, she couldn't hide in the corner with a book to keep herself entertained with while everyone forgot about her anyway.

At least, though, she probably wouldn't have to worry about the opening dance next time. Kira didn't think for a second that she'd get Head Girl or prefect. Which, come to think of it, wasn't an entirely bad thing. She really didn't want to dance in front of everyone that way. Besides, she'd probably just mess up the rest of it too.

Unfortunately, Kira couldn't do what she really wanted, which was to retreat and curl up in a little ball asleep until the ball was over. She had to continue with her day to day life, attending classes and doing homework. None of which she had much enthusiasm for. As much as the Crotalus liked to learn to do new spells, the truth was, a lot of the ones that she was learning now, she'd went ahead and started working on last year. Usually, she tended to be ahead on such things since she mastered them easily and that made her happy. Now Kira had nothing to help her feel better about herself.

Not to mention that it seemed as if the professors were assigning more essays this year, possibly as a conspiracy to ensure that the third year really didn't have as many chances to counteract how the ball made her feel by being able to excel in spellwork. In all likelihood there probably wasn't a difference, and Kira was just imagining it. Still, sometimes she felt like the universe itself was never going to let her be happy. Happiness was likely reserved for Kelsey and others like the older Crotalus too. People who must have deserved it more for whatever reason.

She heard a voice call out to her then and looked up to see Chuck with a boy she recognized from the common room and classes last year. "I suppose so." Kira couldn't help but smile a little. For whatever reason, the Pecari seemed to think she was smart. She didn't quite get why as she'd never really considered herself anything special in that department-or rather in most departments really. It wasn't as if she were in Aladren and she was younger than Chuck was so it was surprising to her that he'd come to her of all people for help. Kira couldn't help but feel complimented.

"Pleased to meet you." She replied to Daniel, smiling yet, both because it was the polite thing to do and because it made her happy that Chuck thought she was smart. It was a rather strange feeling given that so far this year Kira probably seemed to be smiling about as often as Headmaster Brockert did. She did not, however, curtsy because Daniel hadn't bowed-something she didn't really care about even if people like Kelsey did.

"I-I haven't started yet." Kira replied. Morals? What a strange question. She tended to think she did. Then Daniel explained it quickly. Was that it? Did Chuck just want to use her to cheat off of. Then again, she supposed it was flattering that he thought she was smart enough to cheat off of. "Well, we could work on it together. I mean, that was what I was going to work on now anyway."

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    • I could easily reciprocate that. — Kira Spaulding, Thu Aug 4 19:12
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