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Rory Taransay
Hey there! [Tag: Amelle Nicchi]
Sat Aug 6, 2016 08:24

Walking the corridors of Sonora put Rory in mind of his time at Hogwarts, an era that seemed longer ago than it actually was. It felt strange to be back in a school again, and even stranger to think that this time he was one of the professors. He’d been a little concerned that he would find himself the youngest in a group largely consisting of old stuffy relics, but there seemed to be quite a contingent of young teachers here, and the older ones hadn’t proven themselves to be particularly stuffy yet.

Leaving his family home in Scotland at the age of 18 to travel the world as assistant to the renowned albeit eccentric professor Matthias Gould had been the ideal opportunity for a young Rory, who wanted to experience adventures as well as learn more about any animal he could find. His mother had been sad to see her youngest son go but, as his father had pointed out, they had four other children and six grandchildren (Rory’s siblings were all a lot older than him) to distract them. The next eight years had been a whirlwind of foreign countries, new cultures and languages, and a whole lot of dangerous animals. It had been an encounter with one such dangerous animal – a Romanian dragon, in fact – that had ended Matthias Gould’s adventures, and left Rory more than a little shaken. His brother Quinn, now ensconced in America with a wife and children, had suggested that Rory’s experience would make teaching the ideal job, so Rory had decided to attempt settling down. He’d always been close to Quinn, and had made some good friends from America, so he’d decided to apply for the teaching post that had recently become available at Sonora Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

And now here he was, officially the professor for Care of Magical Creatures, and not quite sure what to do with himself. He didn’t have a class to teach as it was the weekend, he was up to date on his planning (and quite excited for some of the lessons coming up), and he wasn’t sure what people did around here for fun. He had therefore decided that an exploration of the school was the plan for the day, and would hopefully lead to him bumping into some of his colleagues.

He was dressed fairly casually, in jeans and a shirt, aiming for vaguely smart (he presumed professors had to at least slightly keep up appearances) but not wanting to be too formal at the weekends. His brown hair was as messy as ever, longer on the top than at the sides. He had a habit of running his hand through it, leading to the permanently wild look. He had a slightly narrow face that could, at times, look very severe. However, this was rare as Rory was an optimistic and jolly person, often sporting a happy and slightly cheeky grin.

The library was the next step on Rory’s tour, having already been to Cascade Hall that morning (breakfast was not something to be missed!). One thing he’d missed whilst travelling had been easy access to a well-stocked library, and hopefully being at Sonora would make up for that. Entering the room, hands in pockets, he noticed Amelle in residence and headed over to her. She was one of the younger teachers (and an attractive one at that), and he wanted to make some friends straight away. “Hey,” he greeted her, leaning against her desk and smiling cheerfully at her. “So what do you guys do around here for fun?”

    • Why, hello to you!Amelle Nicchi, Tue Aug 9 16:09
      Amelle’s year was a bunch of ups and downs. An up had been beginning an official relationship with Fidel over the summer and making it last into the school year. For a while, it had been divine. He... more
      • And what a pleasure it is to see you!Rory, Tue Aug 16 13:08
        Rory was putting a lot of hope in the idea that he would get on well with his colleagues. He was naturally friendly and sociable person, and didn’t think he could cope with having no friends if he... more
        • Aren't you charming.Amelle, Fri Aug 19 17:38
          Amelle smiled widely, pleased to hear that he seemed excited about the idea of going out to drinks with her (and some other professors, of course). She had to think about what to say to him at his... more
          • Well, I tryRory, Wed Aug 31 11:50
            Rory was glad to hear he was being asked to join in with a pre-existing group of friends. It definitely seemed like the staff at Sonora were open and friendly, which was good for him! However, Amelle ... more
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