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Alistair Johnson
Continued from fast and furious (thread with Kira)
Sun Aug 7, 2016 15:52

Alistair smiled when Kira told him that she was reading for fun and not for work. He noticed that she answered his questions simply and wondered that this might be a reflection of her shyness (because it couldn’t mean she didn’t wish to continue conversation with him, obviously).

“In that case, I shan’t feel guilty about interrupting you.” Alistair reserved his typical charming smile for girls like Kira but there was a inexplicably sly edge to it, although in this case not nastily so. Of course, there was a chance that Kira might resent him interrupting her quiet reading time but he didn’t care to consider this because it didn’t suit him.

“But speaking of work,” the fourth year continued, “how are you finding Intermediate classes?”

It was an innocent question, since Alistair hadn’t noted Kira enough in class to be aware of how she fared academically. He had not, however, forgotten what he had concluded could only have been a show of uncontrolled magic, courtesy of Miss Spaulding upon their very first meeting a couple of years ago. She had evidently grown since and undoubtedly learnt to prevent herself from performing accidental magic but the fact remained, it was one more thing that differed between Kira and her cousin and something that had caught Alistair’s attention enough that he still remembered it now.

Perhaps it was curiosity, or something else that he was specifically searching for but was not yet quite aware of, that prompted him to find interest in Kira Spaulding, who was really just one more virtuous society girl to add to the fluctuating number that roamed the halls of Sonora year in year out. When he had first been aware that Kelsey’s cousin had joined the house, Alistair had instantly assumed that she would just be a replica with all the same values drilled into her by her parents since birth as Kelsey’s must have done in order for her to be so exemplary from such a young age. As it had turned out, that wasn’t the case. Kira just didn’t possess that same confidence, a quality she could probably do with more of, but there was something else missing that was more complimentary to lack than to have… he just couldn’t put his finger on it yet.

It didn’t occur to Alistair that he should feel guilty about comparing Kelsey and Kira, who were both individuals well within their rights to be different from one another, but it had not escaped his consciousness altogether that Kira might, to some degree or other, feel as though she were living in the shadow of her older cousin. That was personal though and not something he would envisage Kira ever divulging to him, nor would he have the impertinence to ask a question that might prompt such talk. That did not change the fact, however, that for all Kira’s shortcomings in fitting the stereotypical “perfect” young lady, she might understand the inner turmoil that a well brought up right-minded person might feel when they were made to question the importance of certain values.

Ultimately Alistair imagined that Kira might be softer when it came to matters of the heart, or at least know where Kelsey’s strict boundaries really sat.

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