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Amelle Nicchi
Why, hello to you!
Tue Aug 9, 2016 16:09

Amelle’s year was a bunch of ups and downs. An up had been beginning an official relationship with Fidel over the summer and making it last into the school year. For a while, it had been divine. He would meet her in Phoenix on the weekends so that they could spend time together while she was at Sonora. She had felt like such an adult and she had been rather happy. The down was that when she had gone down to Louisiana to surprise him for the holidays only to discover him in bed with another woman. Amelle still wasn’t sure if she had been cheated on or if she had been the one he cheated with. Either way, she had ended it immediately and she had spent the remainder of her holiday of her holiday drowning her sorrows in chocolate and liquor while she recovered from her heartache.

Another up was the fact that she was finding her groove at Sonora and since she no longer had to take classes to earn a degree, life at the school was far less stressful than it had been in the past. The down, Richard Tallec left. Amelle was friends with him, but he was also a bit of a fantasy for her. Who could blame her for that anyway? He was handsome, kind, a lover of animals, and quiet. The ideal man in many ways. She felt quite let down when he decided that it was time for him to leave. Of course, his replacement was rather dashing to look at too and the Charms professor was easy on the eyes as well. At least the eye candy was lifting her spirits.

Saturdays and Sundays were Amelle’s days off from the library, but she sometimes still sat at her desk to relax and be around people instead of just sitting in her room alone. She probably needed to get a cat or something to keep her company at night. Today happened to be her luck though because the new Care of Magical Creatures professor decided to drop in for a chat. He really was attractive; Amelle self-consciously tugged at one of the messy curls around her head. She rarely wore makeup, except for eye-liner and mascara, so she was acutely aware of how prominent her freckles currently looked on her face with him looking at her from across her desk and how the jeans she had put on that day weren’t the ones that made her butt look real good.

Amelle returned the smile and greeted him with the same cheerful tone that he had given to her. “Well, I suppose that depends on what sort of fun you’re looking for.” Amelle answered, not taking into account that her response might have come off as something less innocent than she had meant it to be. “But a couple of us go out for drinks on the weekend to unwind. You are more than welcome to join us and it might be a good opportunity to get to know one another.” Amelle offered, really hoping that he would go so that she could actually get to know him as she had suggested but also that she wasn’t a third wheel to Isis and Alfie.

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    • Why, hello to you! — Amelle Nicchi, Tue Aug 9 16:09
      • And what a pleasure it is to see you!Rory, Tue Aug 16 13:08
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