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Arianna Valenti
Making moves
Fri Aug 12, 2016 00:02

Arianna Valenti was not a nerd, thank you very much. Not even if she had been sorted into Aladren. Not even if she studied (in the Garden, generally) for her classes, and loved practicing wandwork. Not even if she could be found deep in the library, this early morning.

No, Arianna Valenti was not a nerd. But she was on the hunt.

She had quickly learned that it was better to search in the early mornings, when there were no library monitors to run into. Not that she minded talking to Clark, Jack, John or Emmy - she looked up to them all and was involved in an activity with all of them in some way. They just didn’t need to know about this. Nobody did, not until she was certain she had found something truly interesting.

Her appearance was a testament to her lack of desire to be seen. Her dark mane of curls was in a simple top knot today, she wore a plain oversized camel-colored sweater and some leggings. Not her most polished look, but then neither were those unflattering green robes. Regardless, she would go back to her room and change before classes started. There were some perks to having your common room be connected to the library.

Making her way to the section she knew well by now, she grabbed the book she had most recently been searching. This would be so much easier if she had the internet, and wizards put their information on it. She imagined that wizards would actually like the internet if they ever got off their high brooms and tried it. It had plenty of cats.

Not wishing to be too obvious in her independent study, she wandered a bit until she found a rather abandoned looking aisle on hexes and jinxes. Perfect. Actually, some of these books looked kind of cool, perhaps she would look into them some day.

Sitting on the floor, she leaned against the bookshelf and pulled her sweater over knees. Reaching into the pocket, she unfolded a bit of notebook paper she had carefully written on over the break, reviewing her notes for possibly the hundredth time. Once satisfied, she folded it back up again and shoved it back in her sweater pocket. Picking up the book, she immediately turned to the page where she had left off.

She’d only gotten about ten good minutes of research in when she heard footsteps. Her heart started to pound against her chest, and Arianna pulled a random book from the shelf and opened it on her lap just seconds before the person started to approach down her aisle.

Mind already working on an alibi, dark eyes looked up to rest on the face of her visitor.

    • Making counter-moves.Madeleine Dautin, Fri Aug 12 17:23
      Madeleine was accustomed to waking up early. She felt as though waking up early so that she could compose herself for the gruelling day ahead of her—a day of speaking mainly in English and of... more
      • I didn't realize this was a competitionArianna, Wed Aug 24 22:03
        Well, if anyone was going to see her in a state like this, at least it was one of her roommates. Not that Arianna was particularly eager to confide in either Madeleine or Farrah, only that they were... more
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