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Madeleine Dautin
Making counter-moves.
Fri Aug 12, 2016 17:23

Madeleine was accustomed to waking up early. She felt as though waking up early so that she could compose herself for the gruelling day ahead of her—a day of speaking mainly in English and of consorting with Americans, was very important. Picking out the right outfit to wear, even though it would be covered by her green school robes, was also of equal importance, as was brushing her hair and picking a nice bauble to put in it. Appearing well groomed was a very Dautin trait and although Madeleine sometimes wished for the more relaxed outfits of her American classmates, she still had that Dautin pride that would never allow her to appear in public with messy hair or sweatpants.

That morning when she woke up, however, Arianna was just slipping out of the dorm room. And immediately, Flora Deschamps was on alert. Flora Deschamps didn’t care about appearances as much as Madeleine did, so instead of spending a very long time on her appearance that morning and arranging a flowers into a crown of braids like Madeleine had decided to do the night before, Flora only brushed her hair and tied a large black bow in it, the perfect colour for spying. She also put the peach blouse and white pleated skirt to the side in order to don a simple black dress. She felt trčs parisienne and trčs agent secret.

Madeleine checked the clock. Perfect, ten minutes only. She opened the door to the common room and after confirming that Arianna was not there, Flora dashed down the stairs and out to the library where upon she flattened her back to the common room door and began her search. While it was not entirely probably that Arianna had left the room early to go to the library, it was a large space with many twists and turns—the perfect place to conduct an illicit meeting in plain sight.

Her sharp eyes scanned the aisles and she began to creep forward, keeping an eye out on the stacks as she did so until a movement caught her eye. The movement was not nearly as well dressed as the suspect normally was, however Flora did have to admit that the movement was wearing the same colours as the suspect had been not ten minutes earlier which therefore, logically, meant that the movement and the suspect were one and the same. Grinning to herself, Flora proceeded to tail the movement-suspect.

The movement-suspect did not seem to have a particular direction in which they were going, but Flora followed nonetheless as, who she was 100% certain, the suspect weaved around until coming to a stop and finding a place to sit. Flora had managed a safe distance, not too close so as to let on that the suspect was being followed, but not too far so as to lose sight of the suspect, until this point. She ducked into the next aisle over and quietly removed books so that there was a small slot through which she could peek.

The suspect was simply sitting there, reading. How boring. Madeleine turned around and sat back down, back against the shelf she had been using to spy on Arianna. She let her eyes roam the titles of the various volumes that lined the aisle she was in and frowned. It was a rather weird section, and now that she thought about it, the suspect had been carrying a book with her, which probably meant that she was trying to find somewhere to read it. Now, the question begged why didn’t the suspect read at a table or in the common room if she didn’t want to bother her roommates?

The logical conclusion was that the suspect had something to hide. Madeleine peeked her eyes through the slot again and saw that there were not any spaces where a book might have been around the suspect. The suspect did not appear to be going anywhere, and so Flora stealthily left her aisle and retraced her steps so that she was a few shelves away. It was time to confront the suspect. It was something that she had long been wanting to do, ever since interrogating the other suspect over previous travels out of the country, but she had to time it right, as though she were accidentally happening upon said suspect.

This time, as she walked towards the aisle in which the suspect was reading, Flora made sure that her footsteps could be heard. She clunked her way along until she reached the suspect who was now reading a different book entirely. Intéressant, Flora thought to herself, as she took in her surroundings and got her story straight.

“Hello,” Madeleine said in greeting to her roommate. “Funny to see you here. Are you thinking about doing an independent project on hexes and jinxes too?”

  • Making movesArianna Valenti, Fri Aug 12 00:02
    Arianna Valenti was not a nerd, thank you very much. Not even if she had been sorted into Aladren. Not even if she studied (in the Garden, generally) for her classes, and loved practicing wandwork.... more
    • Making counter-moves. — Madeleine Dautin, Fri Aug 12 17:23
      • I didn't realize this was a competitionArianna, Wed Aug 24 22:03
        Well, if anyone was going to see her in a state like this, at least it was one of her roommates. Not that Arianna was particularly eager to confide in either Madeleine or Farrah, only that they were... more
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