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Kellen Mormont
Checking things out
Sat Aug 13, 2016 13:43

As Farrah was stalking the books that had been returned onto the cart, she frowned. Since she was only a first year, she hadn’t perfected the levitation charm to carry all of these books to their rightful spots. She had seen some others be able to do it with several at a time, but Farrah could maybe manage one. It was sometimes rather irritating. Why did magic have to be so difficult if it was something she was supposed to be able to do naturally?

The Librarian offered the carts to help with heavy return book days. As frustrating as magic was, at least there were some things that Farrah felt reminded her of life back home (and it helped that she didn’t have to carry them all). Pushing the cart into the stacks, she had only just begun the process of putting the books on the shelves when she noticed the new kid sitting at a table. She had been surprised to see him in her classes after midterm, wondering what had kept him from coming sooner. Putting the book in her hand onto the shelf, Farrah pushed the cart over to his table. “Hi, I’m Farrah. We’re in class together. Welcome to Sonora!” She said, giving him a big smile.

“Hi.” Kellen managed, rather surprised by the friendliness of his classmate. Thus far he'd managed to slip by fairly unnoticed, but being invisible made for a lonely life. His mom had encouraged him to make a friend or two before he left, and this Farrah at least made an effort...and noticed him.

“I'm Kellen, and thanks.” He added, returning the girls smile and closing the charms book he'd been reading on his index finger. He wasn't the best with people, but he was going to try not to muck this up.

“Do you work in here?” He asked, noticing the cart full of books.

“Yeah, I'm a Library Assistant.” Farrah answered. “A job I haven't told my friends back home about because it's a little nerdy, but a library is way more familiar to me here than anything else.” He probably didn't need or want to know all of that, but she felt she needed to explain why she had chosen to sign up for it.

“So, Kellen, did you transfer in from another school or were your parents just unsure to let you come here?” Was that too personal to ask? It probably was.

“Library assistant, that's pretty cool actually. I think so anyway. I used to spend loads of time at the one in Salem, so I think I know what you mean. Where are you from, Farrah?” Kellen left out the part about why he'd spent so much time in the library. He thought for a second about how to answer the girl's question. It was a long complicated story, really. One that involved bloody lips, libraries and court battles. Not exactly the kind of thing you want to bore new acquaintances with.

“Not a transfer. My dad took some...convincing. I'm hoping I'll be able to catch up.” Kellen flipped his book back open to the levitation charm he'd been studying. “How are you with charms?”

Farrah smiled when Kellen didn't find her weird for finding comfort in a library. Most people would have probably thought her lame or laughed at her, at least the kids back home would have. “I'm from Manchester Village, Vermont.” Farrah answered. She knew she was about 3 hours from Boston (long family car rides were locked into her memory), but she didn't know how far she was from Salem.

She thought about his answer for a moment, trying to decide if that made him Muggleborn (or Non-Magical family as Farrah liked to say) or Half like her. “My mom took a while too, but thankfully she found out about magic before I got my letter, so she okay-ed it.”

Farrah made a so-so gesture with her hand. “I can manage to levitate a book across the room but can't handle two just yet.” Farrah admitted. “Do you need a tutor or something? I can help with some of the basic ones, if you want.”

“Vermont is an awfully long way away. Do you get homesick?” Kellen was worried about that himself. Living in two different houses, being homesick wasn't a new feeling, but his mom wasn't likely to visit the school in her cat form. “That’s good about your mom. My dad doesn't know I'm a wizard….he thinks I'm at boarding school.”

Kellen wasn't quite sure what it was about her, but he was finding it unusually easy to talk to Farrah. It was probably their shared affinity for libraries. People who liked to read generally weren't terrible people, at least in his experience. He turned his attention back to the spell. He hadn't tried it yet, so he'd be glad to be able to even lift a sheet of paper into the air.

“One’s a good start.” He said with a smile. “If you don't mind practicing with me, I'd be happy for any help I can get.”

“Sometimes.” Farrah answered honestly. “It was way worse when I first got here back in September, but working here and being able to ice skate in the MARS water room helps me from feeling too sad about being away. Plus, I've made a couple of good friends who keep me entertained.”

Farrah’s hazel green eyes widened when Kellen admitted that his father was in the dark. “I don't understand, how come your dad doesn't know that about you?” It didn't occur to her that Kellen might not want to talk about that; she was simply flabbergasted that such a thing was possible. Farrah couldn't fathom her mom never knowing about her magic even though she had gone nine years of her life with her dad never telling then that he was a wizard.

“Sure, I'd love to help!” Farrah exclaimed. Being here had her often questioning if she really belonged, so giving her something positive to do encouraged her greatly. “My shift is done in half an hour, I can come sit and help you after that.”

“Friends are good.” He said, somewhat hopeful. “MARS sounds interesting. I haven't done much in the way of exploring yet. Here, Cascade hall, class and the common room.” Kellen wasn't sure he wanted to do much exploring. He had no real reason to expect anything bad to happen, but he couldn't help it.

Kellen took a deep breath as he pondered how to explain his father. He'd never had any one ask him before, but that was a byproduct of not having any friends beside your mother.

“My parents aren't together. I only met him six years ago, and…” He felt his ears turning pink. He was sure the girl didn't need to hear about all of his home drama; she probably didn't even want to, but somehow he couldn't help himself. It felt strangely good to tell someone about it. “I think he just feels like he's responsible for me. I live in his house sometimes, but he doesn't know me. I'm sorry…”

Kellen put his hands over his ears habitually and dropped his gaze from the girl.

“I have a weird home life.” He admitted with a sigh. When Farrah offered to help him with the levitation spell he couldn't help but perk up. This felt somewhat promising to him.

“Great! I can help, if you want...I mean. Obviously I don't know the spell, but the catalogue system can't be that different.” Was that too enthusiastic? Kellen didn't want to come off too strongly but helping seemed the appropriate thing to do since she'd offered to help him.

Farrah was surprised by his candid talk regarding his family life, but then she recalled how open she had been when she had first met Killian and Georgia. “There’s no need to apologize.” Farrah commented with a smile. “I guess it's at least a step in the right direction that he is attempting to be a part of your life?” She offered to him.

“My dad kept his Magicalness a secret from my mom up until he caught me doing a accidental magic a couple of years ago. My mom was so angry with him for a long time, but they're doing better now.” She felt obligated to tell him something personal after his revelation.

“Sure.” Farrah replied, looking at the stack of books on the cart. “I don't think Ms. Nicchi will mind you helping me. She’s pretty laid back.” Farrah said confidently. “Do you want to grab the first two? They go on this shelf over here.”

“I guess it’s a step. Though to me it feels more like he’s holding me captive and hoping that his presence will somehow make me ‘normal’.” Kellen rose from the table he was sitting at, allowing his entire 5’6” frame to be seen. He’d always been tall for his age and was quickly catching up to his mother in stature. His height was definitely from his father’s side. He was glad, and a little surprised, by Farrah’s reaction to his comment on his family life. He was so used to being viewed as weird that her acceptance made his stomach feel a little funny.

“I’m glad your parents are doing better. As someone who lives two different lives, let me say, it’s definitely better to have them together.” He added with a smile as he approached the cart and took the books she’d indicated. He scooped them up and walked them to the shelf as Farrah instructed. “So what did you do?” He asked, as he placed the books on the shelves. “That outted you as a witch, I mean. Was it something cool?” Kellen went back to cart to retrieve more books. His mind traveled back to the librarian he’d met in Salem. She was nice enough, but very strict about maintaining the quiet atmosphere of her library.

“It’s a good thing the librarian is laid back…otherwise we’d likely get in trouble for all the talking.” He smiled as he picked up the next few books. Maybe it was just the familiarity of the library, but he felt somewhat comfortable around Farrah. “I’m not usually a big talker.”

((OOC: co-written with Farrah's author during the fast and furious event.))

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