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Chuck Fintoc and Daniel Fintoc
Do you have to?
Mon Aug 15, 2016 10:01

“Great!” Chuck beamed at Kira when she agreed to work on the homework with him. “I suppose that’s the best way to do it.” Copying got one nowhere in life and this way ensured that he worked through it properly and understood what he was writing down. Kira working with him meant he’d have someone to keep him on the right track. His initial thought was that she might keep him focused as well but who was he kidding, people were distractions but he’d rather work with company than alone, especially the company of Kira who he was getting to like more and more the better he got to know her.

Have a seat,” he pulled out a chair for her before trying to sort his books out to make some room for her at the table. “Sorry, I’ve made a bit of a mess,” he apologised, it occurring to him as he did so that most of his books were probably unnecessary. “I’m not even sure I need all these books.”

He tried to buckle down and work through the Transfiguration work with Kira, a younger student who he should probably be ashamed of asking for help but he wasn’t. Chuck wasn’t in the habit of having such feelings and this was Kira Spaulding - who could possibly be ashamed of accepting her magical superiority?

“So, you like Transfig?” Chuck asked casually, knowing he probably should be focusing on the task in hand a bit more but thinking he shouldn’t be deprived of a little small talk at least. He’d always thought Kira seemed like a bright witch - she seemed to do well in class - so he imagined she might actually have a preference for what he considered to be easily the most difficult subject taught at Sonora. “I’m more of a Care of Magical Creatures guy myself,” he added with a smile. Animals were what he knew and he was pretty chuffed that he got the opportunity to study them at Sonora. It was something of a respite from the chore of most other classes, not that he was ungrateful for those of course.

Daniel couldn’t help smiling into his own work as Chuck chattered on. He thought it a strange pairing, never having imagined that Chuck would befriend someone like Kira Spaulding. She seemed the total opposite to his other friends, like that crazy muggleborn Sammy Meeks who had proven herself to possess the most bizarre Quidditch “tactics” ever (according to his captain, anyway).

After a while of working on the utterly boring homework (although Kira’s help did make it a much more endurable task), Chuck pushed back his chair from the desk and stood up. “I’m going to take back some of these books, seeing as they’re just wasting space,” he said, really just because he wanted something to do and not because he was particularly bothered by them. He stacked together the library books that they didn’t need and disappeared with them. Perhaps he might find Gia on library duty, just one more distraction from getting on with his work (and a very pleasant distraction at that). It was hard to concentrate on one thing for too long, when all he really cared about was how his stepsister was coping and wishing he could be there for her.

Dan glanced up from his work when Chuck got up and shook his head, smirking at Kira. “He’s hopeless,” he said but it sounded more affectionate than offensive. “Forgive him, he’ll come back in a bit. Chuck’s just not one for sitting still and getting on with his work. He’s a rancher at heart, loves to be doing something physical all the time, y’know.”

The second year paused, reflected for a moment on what he’d just revealed and whether or not it really gave Kira an accurate insight into his cousin’s true nature. It wasn’t like Chuck had concentration problems generally or anything, but it wasn’t unlike him to want an excuse to stretch his legs either. “Chuck’s not stupid though, don’t let him fool you,” it wasn’t something Dan would ever say when Chuck was within earshot but it was the truth. “He’s actually pretty smart when it comes to a lot of things, just not all that booksmart, I guess.”

Not many Fintocs seemed to be all that booksmart, mainly because they had no need to be, so that had always been Daniel’s thing. Therefore when he’d started at Sonora, he’d been a little surprised to find he didn’t end up in Aladren and wasn’t top of every class. He wasn’t doing badly or anything and didn’t really struggle but that was mainly because he had the dedication and determination to put in the time and effort required to completing more difficult work. Daniel knew he’d have to work so very hard to achieve what he wanted in life. He was always jealous of Chuck and had learnt to live with it for the most part, but it didn’t change the fact that his older cousin had everything he wanted and more handed to him on a plate without having to do anything but be himself. Chuck never seemed to care what others thought of him and there was a large part of Daniel that admired him for that.

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    Kira sighed to herself. All she wanted was for the year to end, for the ball to be over so she ouldn't have to think about it for another four years. So she wouldn't have to feel bad anymore. Of... more
    • Do you have to? — Chuck Fintoc and Daniel Fintoc, Mon Aug 15 10:01
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