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And what a pleasure it is to see you!
Tue Aug 16, 2016 13:08

Rory was putting a lot of hope in the idea that he would get on well with his colleagues. He was naturally friendly and sociable person, and didn’t think he could cope with having no friends if he was to stay at Sonora for months on end. Evenings spend doing solitary marking didn’t sound like a barrel of laughs, and he was sure it would drive him mad pretty quickly. He was just glad that being COMC professor would mean he had more hands on work and preparation than many of the other professors. Over the years Rory had become used to almost never being alone, and always having things to do. Hopefully he’d make some close friends here, although he wasn’t expecting anything more.

Rory hadn’t had a proper relationship for years, if ever. Travelling round all the time made it hard for him to become especially close to anyone, and a long-distance relationship wasn’t something that Rory had thought he could handle when younger. He was quite impulsive, and liked to live in the moment, so had felt it would be unfair to enter into such a complex and lonely relationship with anyone, which would also be a commitment that he would find hard to sustain. But at least for now his wanderlust had been satisfied, and spending time with his brother Quinn, Quinn’s wife Robyn, and their children had made Rory almost jealous of the close and loving family unit they made. He definitely had no thoughts of kids yet – although wouldn’t rule the idea out for the future – but a proper relationship was something he wouldn’t turn down now, provided he met the right person. It was just his luck that he’d agreed to teach at a boarding school of all places. The chances of meeting said right person were definitely more limited here, and that was just his luck.

Rory raised an eyebrow at Amelle’s first comment, unable to resist a reaction yet managing to restrain himself from replying with an intentionally dubious comment. That would not give a good impression, and he found that he wanted Amelle to think well of him. Drinks at the weekend sounded like a fun idea, and he was relieved to hear that it was the norm to leave the school grounds rather than being stuck here all the time. There had to be some perks of being a teacher, after all!

“Definitely count me in!” he replied. “But who counts as ‘us’?” He was intrigued to know who Amelle was friends with. Her use of the term ‘a couple of us’ suggested that it was only a select few who went out on the razz at weekends, and he was guessing the younger teachers were more likely to be up for that sort of thing.

  • Why, hello to you!Amelle Nicchi, Tue Aug 9 16:09
    Amelle’s year was a bunch of ups and downs. An up had been beginning an official relationship with Fidel over the summer and making it last into the school year. For a while, it had been divine. He... more
    • And what a pleasure it is to see you! — Rory, Tue Aug 16 13:08
      • Aren't you charming.Amelle, Fri Aug 19 17:38
        Amelle smiled widely, pleased to hear that he seemed excited about the idea of going out to drinks with her (and some other professors, of course). She had to think about what to say to him at his... more
        • Well, I tryRory, Wed Aug 31 11:50
          Rory was glad to hear he was being asked to join in with a pre-existing group of friends. It definitely seemed like the staff at Sonora were open and friendly, which was good for him! However, Amelle ... more
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