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Wed Aug 17, 2016 16:25

Sébastien opened his mouth to protest at Madeleine’s words, but quickly reflected and shut it again without saying anything. Madeleine might have a point. As loath as he was to admit it, the more gentlemanly thing to do would have been to ask her sooner so she could be sure of accompanying the most suitable boy in her year. It would also have been a more practical thing to do. Things had turned out fine, with Madeleine agreeing to go with him, but there had been no guarantee that nobody else would ask Madeleine to attend the ball with them. Bastien wouldn’t have put it past her to say yes in such a situation. He’d come to realise that Madeleine wasn’t always the most predictable, which was Sébastien’s way of saying she didn’t always act exactly as he’d like her to.

The real reason that Sébastien hadn’t asked her sooner was that he didn’t actually know when the appropriate time to ask was. None of his etiquette training had covered school balls! The moment the ball had been announced, he’d known he would be asking Madeleine, but he didn’t want to seem too keen and give her an opportunity to laugh at him. He hadn’t heard rumours of anyone else asking until after midterm, but upon their return he’d initially been annoyed at having been slighted over the break, which had delayed asking even further. Still, he’d thought he had plenty of time before the ball in which to ask her, but apparently he’d got that wrong. Now Bastien was not a happy little Bastien, and was mentally berating himself, but at least she had said yes. It would have been awful to watch her with somebody like Killian Everett, who seemed a bit useless and was a wizard of far inferior origins to Sébastien Évreux.

“Madeleine, je suis désolé.” A charming smile could always make things right, surely? “Tu sais que t’es toujours mon premier choix.”

The author finds Killian Everett to be lovely and sweet, and does not share any of Sébastien's feelings towards him.

Glossary :
je suis désolé = I am sorry
Tu sais que t’es toujours mon premier choix = You know you’re always my first choice

  • Alors on danse.Madeleine Dautin, Mon Aug 1 16:56
    Madeleine was kind of annoyed with Sébastien Évreux. She had known from the announcement of the ball that he would be asking her. It was just a given. There were many pureblood witches and wizards at ... more
    • Merci — Sébastien, Wed Aug 17 16:25
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