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Aren't you charming.
Fri Aug 19, 2016 17:38

Amelle smiled widely, pleased to hear that he seemed excited about the idea of going out to drinks with her (and some other professors, of course). She had to think about what to say to him at his question though since things had weirdly changed for their group of friends this year. “Well, Isis Carter, the Substitute Professor, Alfie Pye, the Defense Professor, and Richard Tallec, the former Care of Magical Creatures Professor used to go out regularly, but well, obviously Richard’s gone and Alfie’s been busy, so it hasn’t happened as much lately.” Amelle admitted. “But we have had a lot of staff turnover this past term, so I really should send out an offer to everyone and just have a staff gathering or something.”

That was the truth. They had a new coach, a new Potions professor (she started last term, but Amelle hadn’t had much opportunity to chat), a new Divinations professor, a new Astronomy professor, a new Charms professor, and now a new Care of Magical Creatures professor. It was quite a young staff, although she was fairly certain that she remained the youngest (it was hard to tell with the Coach and Potions professor though). “I don’t get to spend much time outside of the library during the week, so it’s a bit difficult getting to know the rest of staff, so going out on the weekend is a nice change of pace for me.” Amelle admitted to the man.

She leaned forward towards him and rested her elbows on her desk, she indicated for him to take a seat at the nearby chair to get more comfortable. “So, Rory, correct?” She asked, making sure she had his name right. “What has you here teaching at Sonora? Always fancied being a teacher?” She asked. It was probably a dumb question to ask, but as it was just the two of them, she thought it would be nice to get the small talk out of the way now that way later they can simply enjoy an evening out. Besides, it was always interesting to know how people found their way to this little boarding school. Their stories were typically far more interesting than hers was. She was just looking for a place to get away from her parents.

Plus, if she kept him here talking to her, he would distract her from her boredom and she found herself craving some adult conversation after spending the week helping the students find the right books to study and calm them down if they looked to be having a breakdown due to the upcoming exams.

  • And what a pleasure it is to see you!Rory, Tue Aug 16 13:08
    Rory was putting a lot of hope in the idea that he would get on well with his colleagues. He was naturally friendly and sociable person, and didn’t think he could cope with having no friends if he... more
    • Aren't you charming. — Amelle, Fri Aug 19 17:38
      • Well, I tryRory, Wed Aug 31 11:50
        Rory was glad to hear he was being asked to join in with a pre-existing group of friends. It definitely seemed like the staff at Sonora were open and friendly, which was good for him! However, Amelle ... more
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