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Serena Brockert
A reply
Fri Aug 19, 2016 19:34

As her RATS were coming up this term, Serena found herself in the Library often. Just because she was basically set for what she was going to do after graduation, marrying Oscar and moving to Livilia to be his princess, didn't mean that she didn't want to do well. Especially in Transfiguration, a class that had been the bane of her existence ever since her first lesson. Objectively, anyone could see that she wasn't bad , maybe even above average.

The problem was that the rest of her family was amazing in the subject, especially Ryan and Kira, the former being an animagus and the latter was just plain amazing at magic. Not that Serena begrudged either this extra boost of talent given they both seemed to have pretty low self-esteem. The problem was everyone else was better than her too, which harmed her own.

Fortunately other things had helped. Oscar helped a lot. It made Serena feel really good that someone as wonderful as him had genuinely wanted her. She'd grown up wishing for a fairy tale life and with him she was getting that, she'd have thought so even if he hadn't been an actual prince.

Getting Head Girl helped as well. Even now, more than half way through the year, Serena was truly surprised by it. She'd never even thought of herself as someone most peope noticed, let alone thought would be good at the position and Liliana was so much more popular than she was. Of course, had the whole school voted, maybe things would have been different. Maybe people thought she needed the practice given her future plans as queen somewhere in the distant future.

However , Serena still took extra care to excel in the theory part of Transfiguration , to bring her grade up enough so nobody asked any questions and if she didn't get an O, her parents would assume theory was the issue. Not that they required her to get perfect grades-in fact, she was a better student than either of her siblings, who certainly did not do that. Actually she didn't think Fabian got an O in anything other than the practical parts of DADA and Transfig which always averaged to an E due to his dislike of theory but with Transfig, it was just different . A matter of pride, of family honor.

She found a seat and opened her book. Before too long though, she was interrupted by Theodore Wolseithcrafte. Serena hadn't really spoken to him too much so she was a bit surprised that he'd approached her. "Thank you." She replied, a smile on her face as she went from thinking about Transfiguration and the impending tests to thinking about her fiance.

The fact that she didn't know the other seventh year all that well made her feel a bit surprised at what he asked next. Serena didn't even have to really think about it as she did indeed need someone to dance with. Oscar already knew this and understood that she would only be doing it because of school tradition. "Sure, that would be nice."

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