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I didn't realize this was a competition
Wed Aug 24, 2016 22:03

Well, if anyone was going to see her in a state like this, at least it was one of her roommates. Not that Arianna was particularly eager to confide in either Madeleine or Farrah, only that they were one of the select few citizens of Sonora who had seen her in pajamas or with messy hair before. Madeleine didn’t seem like her usually entirely composed self, either. It was turning out to be a very interesting morning.

Her roommate was a person who did not seem to be particularly interested in Arianna. If she had been, Arianna was sure that Madeleine would have made that known by now. She certainly had the opportunity, what with them living together for over half a school year now. Though the native New Yorker spent most of her time outside of her room - whether practicing attending clubs, going to Quidditch practice, or spellcasting in the garden - in the times she was in the dorm, she was always polite when she did interact with her roommate. All politeness, and not much more. It was nothing like the closeness she had known while sharing a bunk bed with her little sister back home. Arianna assumed that Madeleine must just be stuck up. She was just not nearly as friendly as Louis, nor did Arianna find her to be especially charming, liked Sebastien. Although, Sebastien had been acting rather oddly last she saw him in the library. What had that been about?

So she was genuinely intrigued by the sudden apparent interest Madeleine had in chatting. Madeleine seemed like one of the society girls that Arianna would have befriended back at her old school. The girls who had found Arianna to be clever and daring, with her sassy comments in class, and her seemingly kleptomaniac tendencies. It was only once she was at Sonora that Arianna had realized that the small objects that seemed to always appear in her pocket was due to accidental magic, but the girls couldn’t know about it, anyway. If only Madeleine had picked a better time.

“I didn’t know you were so interested in Defense,” Arianna observed, truly curious, “Have you ever seen a duel?” Arianna herself had become particularly interested in dueling that one time that she and Joe had worked together to fight the dummies in DADA. That had been a lot of fun. Like the rest of the Valenti family, she had a particularly potent competitive streak. And it would be fun to show up a pureblood, or two, or ten. As far as Arianna was concerned, wandwork was the best part of being a witch.

She looked down at the large book she had randomly placed in her lap, the top right corner of the page denoting that this was in fact The Dark Arts Outsmarted. Arianna liked to think of herself as particularly clever, something her Aladren placement had confirmed for her. Perhaps this was a book she ought to be reading after all.

Tucking a stray curl of hair behind her ear, Arianna decided to say something that she had sometimes thought about ever since that day fighting the would-be red caps, something she hadn’t been initially serious about but that might hopefully distract her roommate, “I’m thinking about starting a dueling club, once I know more about it.”

Talk of the Defense book would probably be a lot more interesting to Madeleine, anyway, than discussing the nineteenth century European history book that sat beneath it.

  • Making counter-moves.Madeleine Dautin, Fri Aug 12 17:23
    Madeleine was accustomed to waking up early. She felt as though waking up early so that she could compose herself for the gruelling day ahead of her—a day of speaking mainly in English and of... more
    • I didn't realize this was a competition — Arianna, Wed Aug 24 22:03
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