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Leonidas Bennett
This really is Ball Central, isn't it? (Tag Chaslyn)
Thu Aug 25, 2016 21:19

”Do you know what your problem is, Leo?” Leonidas’s oldest sister had once asked him. He had made it clear, in so many words, that he didn’t care about Eliza’s thoughts on the matter, but she had just laughed at him and then told him anyway, as he’d known from the beginning that she would. ”It’s that you don’t really care about anyone but yourself.”

That had been pretty rich coming from Eliza, who could have easily prevented their brother’s marriage and shamed the whole family for a generation if her infidelity to her husband had ever been revealed and who showed no signs of making any effort to help find a decent husband for their sister, but she had, Leo had to admit, a point. All year, Leonidas had been thinking about the things he needed to do: train the Quidditch team, try to train Clark in the ways of leadership on the off chance there was still a team next year, study for his RATS, deal with the massive amounts of correspondence he’d been told were necessary to ingratiate himself with people in places he might go next, after his RATS results were in…All important things, but all things that were really more about promoting his interests than promoting his family’s. There was no way to argue otherwise, anyway, when he thought more about his responsibility to see to it that Clark Dill could carry on the Aladren Quidditch tradition than he did about his responsibility to Paul’s well-connected sister-in-law.

Theodore wasn’t so slow on the uptake, though, so for whatever reason – Leonidas honestly couldn’t remember how Jemima’s Owen was related to Serena, just that he was – Serena was taken care of by the time Paul and Gemma teamed up to write Leonidas an annoyed letter about that situation. A very annoyed letter; Paul had threatened to tell Father that he should marry Leonidas off to Theresa Carey. Leonidas thought he had been joking, since Paul thought Theresa was a complete idiot and had even once said that if it weren’t for Eliza and Arabella, he might have taken Theresa as proof of the old rule that a woman couldn’t be beautiful and smart at the same time, but Leo had still gone through a few minutes of something very close to panic when he’d seen a Carey mark on the sealing wax of the short note Jay Carey had written to sympathize about the Final….

There was still another…relative of Arabella’s who had to have a partner for that one dance at least, though, so Leonidas waited until he saw her in the library one day and approached.

“Good evening,” he said to Chaslyn. “If you have a moment – “ well, Chaslyn was a severe workaholic who, among other things, worked in the library. Leonidas had no idea why she wasn’t in his House – “I was wondering if you would like to attend the Midsummer Ball with me – platonically, of course,” he added.

    • Indeed it is.Chaslyn Brockert, Wed Aug 31 03:34
      Chaslyn was beyond exhaustion. She'd had about four hours of sleep in two days...and felt rather guilty about even that. Nor had she eaten enough which left her occasionally feeling kind of dizzy.... more
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