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Well, I try
Wed Aug 31, 2016 11:50

Rory was glad to hear he was being asked to join in with a pre-existing group of friends. It definitely seemed like the staff at Sonora were open and friendly, which was good for him! However, Amelle then suggested a larger staff gathering, which would mean a chance to properly meet more of his colleagues, but also meant that he wouldn’t have as much opportunity to talk to Amelle and her closer friends. That was a shame, as she seemed fun and also quite pretty - not that he was planning to just jump into a casual relationship with a fellow staff-member the minute he arrived, even assuming she'd be up for it. He gathered from her words that he wasn’t the only new face at Sonora, which was actually a little reassuring. He wasn’t normally a self-conscious person, and tended to be full of confidence in most situations, but having other people potentially unused to teaching was no bad thing. They could make mistakes together.

Rory confirmed that he was, in fact, called Rory, and pondered Amelle’s question briefly before answering. “Well, I’ve been travelling around since I finished school, but then my colleague got wiped out by a dragon. At which point I decided that a tamer life could be nice,” he explained. “I’m Scottish – if you hadn’t realised from the accent – and I only ended up in America because one of my brothers migrated out here a while back. This job was available, and I thought it’d be a nice change to try inspiring students. I definitely owe a lot to my old teachers and I like the idea of giving something back, if that isn’t too cliché.” Teaching hadn’t previously been something that he thought he would find himself doing, but so far he was enjoying himself. He wasn’t sure that he wanted to teach for the rest of his working life, as boarding school life was quite closed off from the wider world, even for the staff, but he could see himself spending a good few years at Sonora. Besides, he could always use the holidays to satisfy his need for adventure.

“But my vague ideas of being an amazing and inspirational teacher are boring,” he continued, never one to spend lots of time talking about himself unless telling stories about encounters with beautiful and often fierce magical creatures. “What’s your story? Where are you from?”

  • Aren't you charming.Amelle, Fri Aug 19 17:38
    Amelle smiled widely, pleased to hear that he seemed excited about the idea of going out to drinks with her (and some other professors, of course). She had to think about what to say to him at his... more
    • Well, I try — Rory, Wed Aug 31 11:50
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