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Librarian Nicchi
Library Helper Sign Ups!
Fri Oct 7, 2016 21:24

Amelle was a little bit happy to be returning to Sonora once again after the relatively dull summer that she had had. There was one evening in particular that was interesting that had to do with Isis, but that wasnít necessarily a fun thing for her to be a part of. It was a situation that she knew little about and she was highly doubtful that she had actually done any help, but she was glad that Isis felt comfortable enough to come to her anyway.

Aside from that, Amelle really hadnít done much. She sang on occasion with her friends, went out a few times, and at the end of the summer, spent a couple of days in Staten Island with her parents. Amelle absolutely loved her parents, but they were quite overwhelming and often demanded more from her than what she was ready to give. She supposed that was a stark contrast to Isis from what she had gathered, but everyone had their family issues.

But now she was back at Sonora, basically her home, and ready for a new year in the library. Sure her job could be rather boring when she just sat around all day while the majority of the student body was in class, but there were people here that she cared about and who cared about her. Plus, she was really looking forward to seeing Rory and meeting the newest staff member whom Amelle had heard was actually younger than her! Finally, she wasnít the youngest any longer.

The feast was over and although Amelle didnít get a chance to talk with Rory or her friends, she was still happily content with her evening. There was just one last thing that she really needed to do before she went to bed that night. The Library Helper Sign Up. Amelle grabbed the familiar sign up and posted it on the board for all to see.

The sign read:

Students are encouraged to help in the library during the school year. There are two roles that are available and two coveted roles that will be awarded to specified individuals (if the numbers allow for this).

Library Monitors (Only Intermediate and Advance Students may apply for this role)

The Monitors help to check books in and out of the library, organize the books in the stacks, answer any questions that fellow students may have, and complete occasional errands that may be needed.

Library Assistants (Beginner Years can only apply for this role, but all other years are also able to apply for this role)

This role has fewer responsibilities than the Monitor. Their role consists of returning books to their rightful place in the stacks and assists the Library Monitor with whatever duties that needs to be filled.

The two coveted roles that will be elected to the individuals by the Librarian are the Head Monitor roles.

The two students who are granted this title will have the first choice in their work schedules and be Lead in deciding what duties each Monitor and Assistant will have for that day (should they so choose to do so), as well as other duties that may come about that the Librarian feels they are the best choice for.

Please note that only two Advanced students will be elected as Head Monitors and it will be based on their experience, responsibilities, and relationship with others. The Librarian will make the announcement to who was chosen when the final work schedule is posted.

If you are interested in either of these roles, please sign your name, the year you are in, and the role that you are requesting. Prior experience will be considered for the role of Monitor. For any questions, please see Librarian Nicchi for assistance.

OOC: This sign up will be posted for 2 weeks RL time. After this time, a Ďwork scheduleí post will go up with a list of what everyone is doing.

    • Sign ups have ended! (nm)Librarian Nicchi, Tue Oct 25 17:22
    • This should be fun!Amelia Layne, Fri Oct 21 13:15
      Amelia had been stunned by the size of Aladrenís library when she had first been led through it to her common room. Over the days that followed, she had started to feel a tad intimidated by it. She... more
    • Not sure why I didn't join sooner.Daniel Fintoc, Fri Oct 21 12:47
      Daniel had grown a lot over the past year and that was particularly noticeable after a summer away from Sonora, during which heíd had to get the new school robes his extended frame was desperately in ... more
    • Room for one more?Simon Mordue, Fri Oct 21 12:21
      Simon had been a bit dazed and confused through the length of the school tour, but he had made note of where the library was. The library was very important for anyone who meant to be serious about... more
    • Must.Do.All.Things.Or.Else.Chaslyn Brockert, Fri Oct 21 03:52
      Just because she had gotten Head Girl didn't mean for a second that Chaslyn could slow down and relax. She couldn't remember the last time she'd done such a thing actually. Possibly it was so long... more
    • Signing upEmerald Brockert, Thu Oct 20 22:36
      One of the first things Emerald did the day after the Opening Feast was head to the library. She'd gotten a glimpse of it when she'd been led to her common room the night before and now in the light... more
    • A balancing act.Laila Kennedy, Wed Oct 19 02:04
      Her first year, unsure that she would have been able to handle the responsibility while acclimating to the new world she had been thrust into, Laila hadnít signed up for the library helper program.... more
    • Here at last.John Umland, Tue Oct 18 19:09
      Johnís CATS had gone as expected, proving no obstacle to taking on a full load of Advanced courses. His family had proven more difficult. Dad and Julianís doubts about his course load had been... more
    • Back for another year!Theresa Whittaker, Wed Oct 12 09:49
      Initially, Tess hadnít been sure if it was a good idea to sign up to help in the library again. It would be yet another thing to add to her year, and she already had baking club to run now. Also, her ... more
    • Like every year.Jack Spencer, Tue Oct 11 14:42
      Jack had been a diligent and faithful member to the library since his first year. He hadn't been as faithful to the Book Club, but he enjoyed being here in the library. There was a comforting... more
    • Making a come-back.Barnaby Pye, Mon Oct 10 23:01
      Helping out in the library was the one extracurricular activity at Sonora that truly brought Barnaby joy. Book Club was always fun and he liked to sit around and here what kinds of things other... more
    • Sign me up Kellen Mormont, Sun Oct 9 20:55
      One of the perks of being in Aladren, aside from having his own room, was that the entrance to the common room was inside the library. Kellen always felt strangely safe and comfortable amongst the... more
    • HopefulKit Reid, Sat Oct 8 22:03
      Kit adored books, absolutely loved them. To be able to work in the library was like a dream. It was like an extension of her home, which was technically true since the entrance to her House was in... more
    • Adding my name into itGia Donovan, Sat Oct 8 15:43
      Gia was in her CATS year and so she wasnít really sure how much time she would have to do anything for herself. She had agreed to help Laila with the Spirit Club (something that she was finding quite ... more
    • Here againClark Dill, Sat Oct 8 14:36
      Clark's initial enthusiasm about not getting Head Boy had faded a little bit overnight. He was still glad he hadn't gotten it, but when he looked over his class schedule and started blocking out time ... more
    • Here to help again!Farrah Welsh, Sat Oct 8 12:33
      Farrah had seen the sign-up sheet for the library helpers on her way to breakfast the next morning after the fast. Of all of the clubs that she had been a part of last year, she was most looking... more
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