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Librarian Nicchi
Library Helper Schedule!
Tue Oct 25, 2016 17:35

Amelle was so happy to see the amount of people who had chosen to sign up that year. She thought that this was the biggest turn out that she had ever had before. This meant that those who were volunteering wouldn’t have to volunteer as often so she wouldn’t feel like she was taken up too much of their time. She didn’t want this to feel so much like work for them but rather, something fun that they did and with people who share their interests.

She hummed cheerfully as she filled out the schedule, checking and double checking the names and that everyone had at least two days scheduled. She left the weekend days vaguer to allow them the option of times that they wished to work and gave the Head Monitors more responsibility. Amelle smiled. There was a particular reason why she might be spending weekends away should the Care of Magical Creatures professor decide to actually take her out for practice camping. Among other such things. Ever since the evening in the Staff Lounge, Amelle had been able to sleep peacefully. Her lunches have become far more entertaining for her as Rory had kept her company during that time and he had even took over for her one lunch period when she had a headache and needed to run to the Hospital Wing to get some pain reliever.

This year was shaping up to be one of her favorite years so far.

The schedule was complete, so Amelle pinned it up to the board and sat back down to send notices to all those who volunteered so that they would know when they were expected to begin their shift.

Below is the schedule for the Library Helpers. Please note that you are to appear in the library during your scheduled times. Monitors are to help check books in and out of the library, organize the books in the stacks, answer any questions that fellow students may have, and complete occasional errands that may be needed. Assistants will return the books to their rightful place in the stacks and assist the Library Monitor with whatever duties that needs to be filled.

Weekday hours are from 6:30pm to 9:45pm (to allow you time to return to your Houses before curfew).

Weekend hours are separated by two separate hour shifts. First shift is from 1:00pm to 4:45pm and the second shift is from 5:00pm to 9:45pm. You will need to work at least three hours of the five hours on your weekend shift. There will be a sign up each week for the weekend hours. This will help for those who have other commitments during the weekend that will have to be flexible with their time.

Head Monitors, I will leave it between the two of you to decide what weekend evening each of you will cover. Also, please ensure each of your assistants have signed up for a time slot for the weekend by Wednesday evening.

Head Monitors, you will be required to lock the library up on Saturday and Sunday evenings should I be away for the weekend. I will give you adequate warning should this be the case.

If, for whatever reason, you have another commitment for your evening, you must find a replacement to cover your shift.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. If you are concerned about your hours or it causes a conflict for you, please let me or the Head Monitor know immediately so that the schedule can be adjusted.

Head Monitors - Chaslyn Brockert, Clark Dill
Monitors - John Umland, Gia Donovan, Barnaby Pye, and John Spencer
Assistants – Laila Kennedy, Daniel Fintac, Theresa Whittaker, Kellen Mormont, Farrah Welsh, Emerald Brockert, Amelia Layne, Simon Mordue, and Kit Reid

Monitors – Gia and John U
Assistants – Daniel and Laila

Monitors - Chaslyn
Assistants – Farrah and Kellen

Monitors – Barnaby and Jack
Assistants – Amelia and Kit

Monitor - Clark
Assistant – Emerald and Theresa

Monitor – Jack and Gia
Assistant – Simon and Kit

Weekend Shifts:

Saturday: Head Monitors, please discuss what evening you wish to cover for Shift Two
Monitor – John (Shift One), Head Monitor (Shift Two)
Assistants – Laila, Daniel, Farrah, and Emerald

Monitor – Barnaby (Shift One), Head Monitor (Shift Two)
Assistants – Theresa, Kellen, Amelia, and Simon

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