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Caelia Lucan
cont. from FnF
Tue Nov 8, 2016 20:26

Luckily for Caelia, Jack also looked a little pink in the face and she nodded rather quickly when he said he ought to clean up the mess he’d just made. “Sounds good,” she replied, her hands behind her back, hiding the text on mis-transfigurations as best she could. “I’ll um, I’ll help you!” She backed around the corner and began to pick up some of the books, pushing hers into the pile in her arms so that hopefully Jack wouldn’t notice she’d been reading about something they hadn’t even covered in class yet.

“Emrys, right, he’s um, he’s good,” Caelia felt her face flush again as she stammered to put an answer together but this time more out of awkwardness. Her older brother had been dating Jack’s older sister for a couple years now. In most traditional pureblood families they might have already been engaged. But Emrys was not traditionally pureblood in the least, and Caelia kind of worried what that would mean. “He’s in China now, he seems to be liking it, he always makes sure to sound happy in his letters at least.”

“How’s Charlotte?” It might have sounded like just politesse, but Caelia really did wonder after Jack’s older sister sometimes. She thought the Crotalus alumna an exemplary lady and sometimes wondered how her nerdy brother had managed to capture her attentions. “And you, how’s the year been treating you so far? Do you think you’ll go to that Halloween party?”

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