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Wu Peizhi
Of chapters and chairs.
Sun Nov 20, 2016 03:18

The library was always quiet. Peaceful. Wu found herself more often among friends, either with Laila if she was free or with Abby in their dorm, but at the end of the day, her introverted tendencies were not going anywhere, and she needed some refuge from even friendly conversation. That was why she loved the library so much. She was not necessarily the biggest reader, but the quiet and calm atmosphere provided for readers was something she could appreciate.

Sometimes she would bring homework and study there. Other times, she would simply sit and enjoy the silence. Today, however, she had actually found a book of some interest. Titled Of Mice and Men, it was the product of a Muggle author named John Steinbeck. The Teppenpaw was only about halfway through, but so far, she found it very interesting. If nothing else, it was a glimpse into American culture and values, both for the novel’s time and how it applied today, in both the magical and the Muggle world.

The plot was beginning to grow more and more intense, so Wu returned her bookmark and closed the book, sitting on the table so she could think and process for a moment. It was something she had to do every few chapters when she read, just to review the content with herself and check her understanding. Given the extensiveness of the library and the school’s willingness to work with their international students, Peizhi imagined at least some books were available in the multi-lingual section that were translated into her native language. But when she read, she pressed herself to slug through the English, hoping to improve her skills. Conversation and comprehension were their own challenge; having the language barrier in the way was growing quite old.

Now that she was looking up, she happened to notice another student in the section. She couldn’t be sure, but they seemed to her to be looking for somewhere to sit. The library was seeing a bit more traffic today than others, so maybe the other student couldn’t find anywhere available. When they were close enough for her to speak quietly and be heard, she addressed them. “You can sit here, if you would like,” she suggested in a helpful tone.

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      Arne was not really a fan of the library. He didn't like how quiet it was nor how orderly it all seemed. Librarian Nicchi had a whole crew of students bustling about keeping it together and besides,... more
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