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Arne Reinhardt
Whatever you say, chap-o
Thu Nov 24, 2016 15:58

Arne was not really a fan of the library. He didn't like how quiet it was nor how orderly it all seemed. Librarian Nicchi had a whole crew of students bustling about keeping it together and besides, he'd always thought old books had a rather damp, dusty smell which he detested. He preferred to finish his homework quickly so that he could spend his time looking for Louis or Laila, the two students in his year he seemed to be on rather good terms with, or else looking for his cousins and Shino to annoy.

To sum it up, Arne wasn't a dumb kid. In fact, he was probably too smart for his own good. He hadn't been challenged in elementary school much and he'd always felt overlooked at home. The culmination of all this in conjunction with him being a rather energetic person who didn't like to sit staring at a paper he had finished ages ago while all the other students in his second-grade class took the full half hour to take their subtraction tests meant that he had turned into a rather rambunctious, sarcastic goof-off. He knew that was his reputation now, and he didn't really care to correct it. What did he care what others thought of him anyway? When he was grown-up they'd either see a failure or a has-been anyway, so there really wasn't much use in trying now.

For whatever reason, however, that day he had not been able to find either Louis or Laila, his cousins were at practice, and since Shino had quit the Crotalus team, he had felt some sort of resentment. She had left him with the megalomaniac Alistair who now played for the 'star' position of the team. Alistair wasn't a bad player and Arne did think the wizard had talent. However, Arne thought his captain's head was entirely too big for his britches and hated that he had lost a friendly prankster ally only to gain an even more insufferable captain-seeker. The only good thing Arne thought could come out of the switch was that Shino had a lackadaisical approach to things. Alistair was determined to show the world he was better than they were. Maybe they'd actually catch the Snitch for once. Nope, he was not bitter about her leaving. Not at all.

His wanderings had brought him to the stuffy library and sighing, he entered the room of doom and sauntered around the stacks, hoping to find someone who would be up for going down to the MARS room with him and just goofing off. He needed to have more friends... He scanned the tables, looking for someone who looked like they liked to have fun. Nevaeh had let him tease her alright in class the other day, so maybe she would be--he quickly averted his gaze when he found Wu Peizhi. The quiet Chinese witch was one of Laila's friends for reasons that escaped Arne. She was so...dull. The witch didn't appear to have an opinion on anything. He certainly didn't think she would like to goof off in the water room instead of study.

However, she called out to him and he kept in the sigh. He didn't want Laila to berate him later for making Wu feel bad. And besides, it wasn't like she wasn't a nice witch. He would have felt bad himself for making Wu feel bad. There wasn't really anything wrong with being quiet like Wu was, only if one was looking for a partner in crime, which Arne was. "Hey," he said, throwing himself down in the seat next to her and hooking an arm 'round the back of his chair. "'sup?" it was the greeting he'd given her all those years ago in Cascade Hall which had elicited a lot of confusion. Hopefully she knew what it meant not. If not, he'd have to add 'a little bit of an idiot' on to the list of things about Wu he didn't like. "Getting some extra studying in?"

He tilted his head awkwardly to try and read the title of her book. "What's it about then? Like biology or something?"

Hey, talking to a book nerd was better than nothing.

OOC: Sorry Arne's in in such a bad mood today...

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    The library was always quiet. Peaceful. Wu found herself more often among friends, either with Laila if she was free or with Abby in their dorm, but at the end of the day, her introverted tendencies... more
    • Whatever you say, chap-o — Arne Reinhardt, Thu Nov 24 15:58
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