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Jax Donovan and Farrah Welsh
What a mess (Tag Tess)
Wed Nov 30, 2016 21:01

Jax was getting antsy. It was almost time to go home for the holidays and as much as Jax liked to act like he didn’t really care about a lot of things, the one thing he cared the most for was his mother (and his sister). He always worried about her when they were away at school. Was she remembering to eat? She wasn’t drinking too much, was she (he knew his mother thought she was being secretive about her drinking, but Jax could usually smell it on her)? Were the men at the diner bothering her without him around? Was she happy?

He didn’t like being away from her for too long, but Sonora did exactly that. His mother would be annoyed with him if she knew just how often he fretted over her being alone, but he couldn’t help it. He was the same with Gia, especially lately. She seemed so down about something but she refused to talk to him about it. Everyone really seemed down lately, if he was being honest and he didn’t understand it. Was it some sort of weird girl thing? At least Joella didn’t seem to be effected by it. Of course, when they were together, they weren’t really doing much talking anyway.

Since it was Thursday, it meant that the MARS sports room was being used by the Archery Club, so he decided to go out for a run instead and get rid of some of this extra energy. He was halfway through the library, looking down as he put his wand in his holder, Jax crashed into a cart full of books and the poor little girl holding on to it, sending the two of them and all the books crashing to the floor. He landed hard on top of the cart. After his initial moment of pain, a feeling of panic and horror flooded him as he thought he might have killed the little girl who he had run into, but as he quickly stood up and looked under the cart, he spotted her next to it looking a bit dazed but otherwise alive.

“I apologize; I was not looking where I was going.” Jax immediately began, holding out his hand for her to take so that he could help her up. “Are you alright?”

Farrah took his outstretched hand and stood up. Brushing off her robes, she looked down at herself just to verify she was indeed alright. “Yeah, I think so.” She replied, feeling embarrassed and knowing that there were a few people currently staring at them. “I just fell over; you didn’t knock into me or anything.” She had seen the guy in her common room. He was the reserved sort, like quite a few of the other Aladrens that she was becoming acquainted with. He was built like one of the football guys back home and had they been at home, he’d definitely be one of the popular sort.

She could feel the color rise to her cheeks as he looked her over to make sure that she was okay. She appreciated his concern, but she was really okay. As an ice skater, she was constantly falling down onto the ice and bruising herself up. This wasn’t much different from that. “I’m really okay, I swear.” She replied, trying not to sound nervous that the older boy was standing in front of her.

“Let me help with the cleanup.” He offered, pulling the cart back onto its wheels. That was what was most embarrassing for Farrah. Since it was exam cram time, the library was always busy with students trying to study that there were books constantly being piled up onto the tables that people couldn’t seem to put back where they found. Farrah, being a Library Assistant, wanted to help out her fellow Assistants, so when she had free time and happened to be in the library, she would often go around to empty tables and put the books onto the cart. She had been doing it that evening when this happened.

“Oh no, that’s alright.” Farrah said quickly as he went to begin picking up the books. “I work in here, so I can do this part. Please, I’ll be okay. You seemed like you were in a hurry.”

Jax hesitated for a moment. He didn’t like leaving her to pick up his mess, but she was so insistent and he really did want to go run. “Well, if you are completely sure?” He asked but she just nodded and told him to go. He was about to leave when another girl came into the picture.

“Hi.” Farrah said, looking embarrassed. Tess was one of those girls that Arianna sometimes hung out with and Farrah didn’t want to hear her roommate making fun of her should she find out about this. “We had a little spill, but I’ll clean it up, I promise, Tess.” Farrah said quickly.

    • A helping handTess Whittaker, Tue Dec 13 10:04
      Tess found herself idly humming as she put books away on the shelf, which always brought a smile to her face. Whilst not especially musical, she often found herself with a song in her head, normally... more
      • is always appreciatedFarrah (and a bit of Jax), Sat Dec 24 14:35
        Farrah felt so embarrassed by the whole thing. If she had just moved the cart out of the way, then the older Aladren wouldn’t have accidentally run into it in the first place and made such a scene.... more
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