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Tess Whittaker
A helping hand
Tue Dec 13, 2016 10:04 (XFF:,

Tess found herself idly humming as she put books away on the shelf, which always brought a smile to her face. Whilst not especially musical, she often found herself with a song in her head, normally when doing a fairly mindless task, such as reshelving. Not that she minded the repetitiveness of it! Tess enjoyed her work in the library. It was a small yet important job she could do to help others in the school and, besides, she liked libraries. They were definitely the sort of place her father liked, and so Tess had learned to love them too.

She had just finished her stack of books when she heard a crash from somewhere else in the library. Feeling vaguely responsible – both for the books and for any people -, as she was on duty, she hastened to the scene. She arrived to see Farrah and a boy she recognised as Gia Donovan’s brother, surrounded by a large array of books.

Tess knew Farrah, both from classes and also a little bit from outside class, and she considered the other girl to be one of her friends, even though they weren’t particularly close. Therefore she was surprised by Farrah’s response to her arrival, which seemed to be sort of defensive.

“No worries,” she replied, trying to set Farrah at ease. She didn’t know what the younger girl had a problem with, but she was sure Farrah hadn’t been at fault, and didn’t want her to think Tess was going to go complaining to one of the Monitors. Tess wouldn’t do that even if there had been a problem, preferring to sort things out herself rather than just telling tales. “I’ll give you a hand, I’ve just finished some reshelving,” she offered, not wanting Farrah to have to sort it all out by herself, and not sure if the older boy was waiting around to help or just awkwardly standing there.

“Are you both okay?” she asked, realising that there could have been potential for injury in whatever had happened. They seemed alright, and would probably already be on their way to the hospital wing if either of them had been seriously hurt, but she felt she should check anyway.

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