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Farrah (and a bit of Jax)
is always appreciated
Sat Dec 24, 2016 14:35

Farrah felt so embarrassed by the whole thing. If she had just moved the cart out of the way, then the older Aladren wouldn’t have accidentally run into it in the first place and made such a scene. She was so dumb sometimes and then things like this happened… it was a no wonder people made fun of her. She could never do anything right!

“It was my fault. I wasn’t looking where I was going and knocked everything over.” The older Aladren said, causing Farrah to look up at him. She had thought that he had left. “I am alright though. Are you sure you don’t need me to help?” He asked Farrah, his cold blue eyes looking down at her causing her to shiver. He wasn’t looking at her in any way other than concern, but Farrah had always thought that he was kind of a mean guy because he was usually alone in the common room and seemed to glare at people. But now that they had this encountered, she had realized that she had been wrong. The intensity of his eyes was nothing more than concern and she felt guilty for thinking negatively about him. She tried to be open minded about things, but she apparently hadn’t quite stepped out of that box just yet.

“I’ll be fine, thank you.” Farrah said again. He nodded to both girls and moved off to work out. “I’m alright, I sort of fell away from the mess, so I didn’t get hurt or anything.” She said to Tessa, answering her question. Farrah lifted the cart up with a quiet moan and began to place the books back on it. “I was just trying to help since I had the time, but I ended up making more of a mess because of it.” Farrah admitted sheepishly. “Sorry about all the noise and again about the mess.”

  • A helping handTess Whittaker, Tue Dec 13 10:04
    Tess found herself idly humming as she put books away on the shelf, which always brought a smile to her face. Whilst not especially musical, she often found herself with a song in her head, normally... more
    • is always appreciated — Farrah (and a bit of Jax), Sat Dec 24 14:35
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