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Librarian Amelle Nicchi
Lost in Thought
Fri Dec 30, 2016 16:11

It had been a bit of a surreal holiday break for Amelle. Normally, she would head back to her friendís place in New Orleans where she would spend her time going to Jazz clubs and having a good time and then spend Christmas Eve and Christmas day in Staten Island with her parents, but that had not been the case this year. Instead of doing the usual, Amelle had spent the first week with her family in Sicily and the second week hiking around Australia with Rory.

Amelle had discovered that she was not made for camping, even Magical camping that had quite a lot more luxuries than Muggle camping from what Amelle understood. She hated bugs. She hated being too hot. She hated being too cold. She was terrified at night with all the sights and sounds that surrounded their tent. She was quite the wuss when it came to camping and she had no idea how Rory had put up with her. Australia (despite its gigantic bugs) had been beautiful and she was glad for the long hikes and creature watching she had been able to do with him. More so than that, they had talked about what they wanted and had taken a step forward (or a leap, depending on how one looked at things) in their relationship in a lot of ways. It was because of this that Amelle hadnít really wanted to end their camping trip at all.

But, here she was, sitting at her desk in the quiet library, returning letters to other administrations regarding upgrades to the textbooks for next year. She was reminded about the conversation she had with her parents while she visited them during Christmas. They werenít happy that she was still a Librarian. They respected the job more so now than they had previously, but they felt that she was wasting all the valuable time and effort she had put in to getting her degree by not finding a job suitable to that. At the time, Amelle didnít care to hear it (she rarely did whenever it was an opinion of her parents), but the more she thought about it, the more she felt they were right.

Getting her degree in psychology with a specialization in Counseling had been a big accomplishment and one that she was quite proud of. But she really did love working for Sonora and she wasnít sure if she was ready to move on from that. This was especially because of her new relationship and her relationship with her colleagues and students. She felt comfortable here and like it was her home. The school didnít have a counselor though, so she would have to discuss her options with Headmaster Brockert and Deputy Headmistress Skies just to see.

She looked up from her desk when she heard a polite tap. ďChecking out?Ē Amelle smiled and stood, taking the books to sign them out to the student in front of her.

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      • Careful now, I'm a taken woman :PAmelle, Sun Jan 8 20:04
        Amelle looked up to see Alfie staring back at her and gave a laugh when he answered her question. She should have known it wasnít a student in here who was in need to check out books. Her monitors... more
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          • But I like them how they are.Amelle, Tue Jan 10 21:21
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