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Careful now, I'm a taken woman :P
Sun Jan 8, 2017 20:04

Amelle looked up to see Alfie staring back at her and gave a laugh when he answered her question. She should have known it wasn’t a student in here who was in need to check out books. Her monitors were good about handling things anyway so it was a rarity if she was ever in need for anything whenever they were around. “Har har, Alfie.” She responded. She hadn’t seen Alfie visit her for some time. Actually, she hadn’t really seen much of him all around.

She knew that he was spending less time with them and had been for a while, but she sort of assumed that it had been because she and Isis were now dating others. He still came out from time to time and when she managed to make a meal, he was usually there, but it was overall less of him. The thought actually made her quite sad.

Aside from Isis, Alfie had always made her feel rather welcome, partially because of his flirtatious ways. The first few times that Alfie had flirted with her, she had been so surprised and taken off guard over it, but then she realized that he did it with everyone and so it just became the way of things. There had never been anything more than playful banter between them as she doubted either one of them was actually interested in anything more (and now the idea of such a thing really made her laugh and not because she didn’t adore Alfie, but he was more of a brother to her than anything else) but she did miss that banter. Most especially when her days felt really long and she needed a break from life and didn’t want to be a whiny girlfriend to Rory.

She was prepared upon seeing that it was Alfie, to have a nice joke between the two and a lovely conversation, however, that went away quite quickly when the next thing that came out of his mouth was ‘but more seriously’. She wasn’t sure if she had ever heard those words uttered from his mouth before and she wasn’t exactly sure on how to react to it. But Alfie was her friend and she cared deeply for him so she would do what she could to help him.

“Of course.” Amelle replied and pushed the papers she had out in front of her to the side to give him her full attention. “Take a seat and tell me what’s up? What has been bothering you that you need help with?”

  • Lost in your eyes ;)Alfie Pye, Sun Jan 8 17:58
    Alfie had a problem. And his problem had a name. She was called Isis. More specifically, she was called Isis-is-a-busybody-and-won’t-leave-me-alone. Over the years of working together, he and Isis... more
    • Careful now, I'm a taken woman :P — Amelle, Sun Jan 8 20:04
      • Alfie smiled warmly when Amelle asked him to sit. He moved around the desk and pulled a chair up close. Leaning forward, Alfie rested his forearms on his knees and clasped his hands almost as if in... more
        • But I like them how they are.Amelle, Tue Jan 10 21:21
          Amelle watched Alfie settle himself in the chair and a look of concern fell across her features as she watched him. She would be ashamed to admit it but when he began to talk to her, her mind... more
          • Alfie let the quiet after Amelle finished speaking hang in the air for a bit. A long time ago he wouldn't have liked the quiet, but now after all these years he found that he rather enjoyed it. Alfie ... more
            • I watch the ripples change their sizeAmelle, Wed Jan 18 16:06
              Amelle knew that Alfie and Isis were two very private people who didn’t tell her much of anything regarding their personal lives. Amelle took it as it was and never pushed it. It also meant that she... more
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