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We could change those things quite easily ;)
Sun Jan 8, 2017 20:27

Alfie smiled warmly when Amelle asked him to sit. He moved around the desk and pulled a chair up close. Leaning forward, Alfie rested his forearms on his knees and clasped his hands almost as if in prayer, his head low and his fingers twitched and he mulled over what he needed to talk about. “I’ve, er, gotten myself into a bit of a sticky situation,” he said, his voice quiet and ashamed. A bit of a sticky situation was a bit of an understatement, but Amelle didn’t have to know that, and besides, if he was being completely accurate, he hadn’t gotten himself in to anything, he was trying to get Barnaby out and reset his family name before the timer ran out for all of them.

“It’s, I mean, it’s really complicated, and it’s a lot of work, and,” he frowned again. He felt like he’d already said too much even though he knew that he hadn’t really said anything at all. “I don’t know, you know I care about you girls a lot, and I appreciate the space you’ve been giving me but Isis…” He took a deep breath. “Isis won’t let go, and I’m worried about her. Do you think you could talk to her? Distract her? I don’t know, get her to back off a little?”

Alfie hadn’t brought this up with Isis at all yet, but he was worried how she would react. Would she cling tighter? Or would she never want to talk to him again? Neither option was one that he liked to think about, to be honest, and part of him felt good that she valued their friendship that much to not let him pull away like he was trying to do. But he couldn’t get any closer to her than he already was, he didn’t want his father or his father’s friends to know about his friendships at Sonora, if they found out about Isis or Amelle (or even Rory) and used them against him, Alfie didn’t think he’d ever be able to forgive himself. The only thing keeping him from resigning immediately to protect his students was the knowledge that his father knew Alfie well and the Alfie his father knew would have hated teaching and he was counting on that.

“There’s a lot of pressure on me to handle this…thing,” he explained. “And I would hate for you or her to get caught up in it accidentally… It’s auror stuff,” he added by way of excuse. “Some really deep stuff from a few years ago and I just can’t handle it if I have to worry about civilians accidentally walking in on the middle of something. I know I shouldn’t be doing it at school, and I’m keeping it away from the students, just in my office and room, really, and only after hours—” that wasn’t true, he often spent his office hours working quietly on files that he would hastily shove into desk drawers when students knocked at his door “—and it’s a favour to my old boss,—” a lie “—but no one knows I’m doing this—” a partial truth “—and I’d like to keep it this way and…”

He trailed off, still looking at his feet. “I’ve already said too much, I know it’s bad to do this at school, but I’m planning on leaving soon if it continues much longer, there’s no use endangering other people, I’ve healed mostly anyway, I could probably take some time off to study and re-take the auror test and be reinstated, but, for now… I mean I haven’t talked to her about this, but Isis has lost people and I don’t want to hurt her, but…”

Alfie shook his head and looked up. “I don’t even know what I’m asking of you anymore, I just need advice, maybe, on what to do…”

  • Careful now, I'm a taken woman :PAmelle, Sun Jan 8 20:04
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    • We could change those things quite easily ;) — Alfie, Sun Jan 8 20:27
      • But I like them how they are.Amelle, Tue Jan 10 21:21
        Amelle watched Alfie settle himself in the chair and a look of concern fell across her features as she watched him. She would be ashamed to admit it but when he began to talk to her, her mind... more
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          • I watch the ripples change their sizeAmelle, Wed Jan 18 16:06
            Amelle knew that Alfie and Isis were two very private people who didn’t tell her much of anything regarding their personal lives. Amelle took it as it was and never pushed it. It also meant that she... more
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